Monday, October 10, 2011

Stop the cop outs.

Here is proof that one person can make a difference and that all politicians are not the same.

Also this made me so happy I started glowing so I thought I should share.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hippies VS Rednecks 

Rednecks have got a real bad rep. lately and I wanted to set some things straight. Some how Rednecks and pretty much all country people have got lumped in with white trash (I hate to bring race into this, but I couldn’t find a better term).  This is not true and it’s pretty fucked up. Being from the country does not make you racist or bubba dumb. I thought I would go ahead and point out how much hippies and rednecks have in common and also point out our subtle differences.
Keep in mind we are talking about people so they are all unique and these are generalizations.

Hippie Intoxicants
They smoke more weed (which makes them prone to stoner logic). They like home made beer and wine. Shrooms, acid, ecstasy (depending on their age).

Redneck Intoxicants
They drink more (which makes them prone to drunk logic).  They like home made beer , wine, and moon shine. Weed. Shrooms, and I have spotted more then a handful on ecstasy. But the difference is when they do it, no one pretends it is to expand their minds.

Hippie Food
Hippies like to grow their own organic foods to be close to nature and be healthier, maybe to stick it to the man.

Redneck Food
Rednecks like to grow their own food and hunt because they like to be self sufficient.

Like to buy American because of labor issues and they love America.

Like to buy American because they don’t want to send their money out of America because they love America.

Hippie Clothes
Tie dye

Rednecks Clothes
Blue jeans

Love animals

Love their dogs

Both of them love to be bare foot and in nature. They both think dirt and rain are good things. Hippies are usually more political. They both love Willie Nelson. Hippies tend to want to protect and nurture others while redneck seem to be more worried about their immediate families.
This stuff is just my personal experience. To learn more about the fascinating history of the redneck go here 

Hippie history