Friday, January 13, 2012

Ignoring It Doesn't Make It Go Away.

I hate when people say I shouldn't talk about things because of (insert stupid reason here).

Other then for a few rare occasion where you don't discuss something out of politeness talk about what is happening in reality.  For the love of Logos people talk about stuff that makes you uncomfortable. 

I got a bunch of shit for saying that they should have published the pictures of Bin Laden. 
I got shit yesterday for posting about marines peeing on dead bodies. 
This shit is happening weather you want to hear it or not. I think we should be forced as Americans to see what is being done in our name. We should see bodies. We should be faced with the monsters war creates along with the mutilated children.  Maybe we would cut this shit out if we weren't so detached from it. 

"You can't judge those men this is war" 

I didn't say anything about judging them, but I refuse to ignore it and just let them do what ever they want.
It's good for Americans to see what war does to people. I bet most of those men were loved fathers and sons who have family who never thought they were capable of this. Maybe this will start showing how war fucks people up and it is not worth it. At the very least show that we shouldn't leave people fighting for as long as they do and when they go to war they need more physiological support. I guess I'm an optimist. Ignoring problems is not a good answer. 

I posted a video about how parents with children who are injured by vaccines are bullied and belittled. What happen? I was bullied and belittled. Even though anyone with the sense god gave a goat knows that children are injured by vaccines. I shouldn't talk about it because "It might discourage someone from getting a vaccine" and I was "putting people's lives in danger" . What the fuck? We should ignore injured children because knowing about it might help some one make and educated choice?  Ignorant people are the best publicity big pharm and big Ag have. Even though the maker of the HPV vaccines will openly admit that people in first world countries are better off with out it, large groups of uneducated people are more then willing to give up their rights and the rights of so many children to make it mandatory. Because it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling believe in the magic of vaccines. 
Food companies are not going around saying GM foods are the same as selective breeding, but for some reason a bunch of people think that and like to spew it all over the internet. No one wants to talk about it. I don't even care if you care about GM food, but don't expect me not to talk about it cause it might make you sad when you eat corn. Diffidently don't try to attack me because you don't like the fact that bad things are happening to our food, pesticides are bad for you, blah blah blah. It's a big scary world out there and everything isn't black and white get over it. 
I was told by someone maybe people shouldn't be told what is in their food because they didn't know enough to make choices about their food anyways. Not in a sarcastic way I asked. This is the kind of logic we are dealing with. Keep people ignorant, because they are too ignorant to know what is good for them. 

I get shit for saying anything bad about Obama. Even if it is true. Just because I'm a democrat doesn't mean I'm going to blindly follow someone. Reality shouldn't be ignored because "he is better then a Republican". Yes, Obama has done a lot of good. He deserves credit for those things. Should we give him a free pass on some of the stuff he has really fucked up on?  NOOOO! I'm am so sick of the hero worship. You would think he walked on water. When this happens in other parties they are sheeple. When democrats do it they are standing behind their president?  

I'm not saying everything I say is perfect or that everything needs to be said, but talking about stuff that makes us uncomfortable is how we grow as people. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FDA Has Concluded Walnuts Are Drugs

No, seriously. They say that  "Diamond of California Shelled Walnuts"  Are good for you and now should be considered drugs. I would tell you more but you really have to check this shit out yourself.

Edit: I should probably add some more. Sorry I got all flustered when I found out. This probably, maybe wouldn't be such a fucking joke if they weren't ok with selling Mcnuggets to kids. Along with all the other GMO and/or ammonia soak mystery meat slurry they are a ok with passing off as "food"