Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Silly Email

One day a while back I was sitting in my room checking my email. I opened an email from a friend that obviously  had a political orientation. I was excited about this because I use to not get a lot of political emails. It was a forwarded email which was a good sign I shouldn't take it too seriously. It was a video. It started playing and it was a man in a Benjamin Franklin costume. I thought to myself oh goody a joke. Then I started listening to the silly man give a very passionate speech. I'm a pretty open minded person so I listen to it. I was like yeah the government has done a lot of things lately that piss me off, but it's not because I pay too much taxes. How silly I'm not going to mail tea bags. Maybe if it was for protesting how the city water looks like you already put a teabag in it and how every time you looked in the toilet it always looked like someone didn't flush. Or how the creek down the road is so polluted they tell people not to eat the fish out of it. Not over taxes.

I'm real surprised I remember the email as well as I do. I really didn't see it going anywhere how could someone take something like that seriously? It was funny and people like to bitch I figured that would be the start and the end of it. Looking at that email I would have never of guessed so many people would make that their way of life. Then they started having protest, and conventions, and rallies.

I found out later that the tea party was just a front for the incredibly rich to manipulate and distract the scared and uneducated people to make it look like a grass roots movement.  You keep people poor a scared and they are easily manipulated. It really is smart when you think about. No one fights harder for a cause then if they think someone is going to destroy their family. So they started saying the gay Muslim Kenyan monkey socialist nazi monster was going to kill your grandma and kill your babies. So even though the republicans wrecked the economy and the people running the corporations were keeping them poor and scared and doing a lot of damage to their grandmas and babies they got people who were obviously not paying attention to believe Obama did it. Pretty impressive.

The true beauty (or terror) of what they have done is that all the stuff they got those people to commit to is real hard for people to come back from. It's understandably difficult for people to be likes oops looks like Obama wasn't a terror baby from Kenya. My bad. Once you start claiming shit like that you are really committed. Once you dress up like Benjamin Franklin with tea bags dangling from your head screaming in anger because some one has convinced you this is what God wants, you're committed (and should probably be the other kind of committed).  

Ain't that some shit? Don't get me wrong it's a good thing that people can believe strongly about things and don't flip flop with every article they read, but come on! Have people always been so concerned with being right? If your going to take life lessons from people like this your probably not planning it out very well. Logic went out the window some people lost their minds. Shit happens.

What I'm getting at is Tea Baggers it's ok to come back to some kind of sanity. Liberals really are not out to get you. You were tricked, again shit happens and we will welcome you back with open arms. You don't even have to vote for liberals just stop voting for people who are bat shit crazy. God is not calling on them to run for shit they are using your beliefs to manipulate you. It's ok to be wrong everyone does it that doesn't mean you have to do it the rest of your life.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toy Guns Annoy The Crap Out Of Me

Probably not for the same reason it does other hippie moms. I don't think it is a moral issue and if you give a kid a toy gun it will make them violent or go out and shoot people. It's really not that hard to keep guns where kids can not physically get to them. Plus even if you don't give your kids toy guns it is very important for them to understand that you NEVER EVER play with a gun or be around other people playing with guns. I played with them all the time growing up and the only thing it did was make me even more of an annoying child then I already was.
1. They are annoying even compared to other kids toys! Who the hell wants kids running around shoving shit in your face yelling BAM BAM BAM! My husband recently bought the kids toy guns with that red paper popping crap that is loud and stinky. Seriously what was that maniac thinking?
Also I know most people will never have to worry about this but I have a friend who got shot 9 times and finds it hard with the PTSD to deal with that shit. With all the vets recently coming home from war I bet there will be more and more people with this issue. He wasn't a vet he was just hanging out at his house and some random crazy person knocked on the door shot his dad in the head and then turn the gun on him then asked for a drink of water. Now he is a little sensitive (big understatement) about kids pretending to shoot him. They are ok for the most part this story kind of derailed. The point is toy guns are annoying and can make people have dangerous flash backs.
2. My son is Autistic and I don't really know if he can fully understand that the bright orange play toy is different then the killing machines. Which for the most part doesn't matter because again I don't leave guns where they can get to them. The problem is that the manic I mention earlier isn't gun smart along with countless other gun nuts in this state. interesting fact, There are 2 guns for every person in TX. My husband now understand the importance of guns safety. Which is fantastic because I would hate to pistol whip him over gun safety. That would be some awesome situational irony for a hippie to beat a redneck with a gun, but I would rather not. I just can't teach all the manics and it would only take one irresponsible gun owner to ruin my life. Honestly sometimes people's recklessness is amazing. It makes me really wonder about that darwin theory. Because yeah sometimes people do stupid shit that ends up killing them but more often then not they do stupid shit that kills an innocent bystanders before they go knock up their girlfriends.

I think a better title for this post would have been toy guns are annoying, but not as annoying as irresponsible gun owners.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Animals Are Hard Core!

Ok so there is a hilarious video that is kind of old news now. 

Yeah crazy funny, but if you want to meet the real bad ass bitch you need to see this video... Trust me it is worth it. 

I would like to make a funny comment here but nothing is coming to me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Are Blondes Mutants?

Apparently yes, yes they are. Ain't that some shit?

I was doing a little research for the blog post I was going to write and I stumbled upon an article called Cavemen Preferred blondes. Being a part of this hair minority I was interested.

Turns out that there was a lack of men in Europe 10,000 years ago. So when they got the chance to mate they pretty much got their pick of the ladies. They picked the mutants with blonde hair and blue eyes and populated the area with their mutant offspring!

After finding out that I started wondering why I had green eyes unlike most of the worlds population. Turns out that to is a mutation of blue eyes. So not just a mutation but it's a mutation of a mutation. Apparently One person had a genetic mutation that turned their eyes blue. Then some times that mutates and turns eyes green. Which explains why my parents don't have green eyes. A interesting piece of information is scientist think all those people have one common ancestor. I don't know why they don't think it could have happen to more then one person over the long history of mankind but whatever.

So to recap on my research of today I'm a mutated mutant and freaks are sexy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mother Gaia

Yeah that is how I see this going down. Because I'm a stoic I call it Logos, but it's all the same. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Email from Sen. Kay Bailey

 I wrote her asking to please stop the war on women. She pretty much told me I could suck it. Then went on about some junk about how she wants to reduce abortion by screwing over the place that gives out birth control and restricting what insurance will cover. 

I've posted the whole stupid thing but wanted to point something particularly frustrating out. 
She wants "to prohibit federal funding for abortion in U.S. military facilities". Wow the women you think are smart enough to defined and die for our country don't deserve to make decisions about their own bodies? You can die for this country but if you need this particular medical procedure your on your own... Even more depressing is we know there is a hell of a lot of rape and sexual assault happening to women in the military. People can be real disgusting some times.     

[Dear Friend:
     Thank you for contacting me regarding the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.  I welcome your
 thoughts and comments.
     Through a longstanding public law known as the Hyde Amendment, current federal law prohibits the
 use of taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions.  On January 20, 2011, U.S. Representative
 Chris Smith (R-NJ) introduced H.R. 3, the No Tax Payer Funding for Abortion Act, which would reaffirm
 the current restrictions put in place by the Hyde Amendment.  H.R. 3 would guarantee that no funds 
authorized or appropriated by federal law shall be expended for any abortion, including health care 
services furnished in the District of Columbia.  A similar bill to H.R. 3 has been introduced in the Senate 
by Senator Roger Wicker (D-MS).  S. 906 has been referred to Senate Committee on Finance, of which 
I am not a member.
     I believe we must do everything possible to reduce the incidence of abortions in Texas.  In addition to 
supporting the Hyde Amendment, I have co-sponsored bills to outlaw partial birth abortions and to prohibit 
federal funding for abortion in U.S. military facilities, federal employee insurance plans, and Medicaid.
     H.R. 3 was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on May 4, 2011 by a vote of 251-175.  
Should H.R. 3 or S. 906 come before the full Senate, you may be assured that I will keep your views in 
     I appreciate hearing from you, and I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me on any issue that is
 important to you.
Kay Bailey Hutchison
United States Senator
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC  20510
202-224-5922 (tel)
202-224-0776 (fax)
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to this message as this mailbox is only for the delivery of outbound messages,
and is not monitored for replies.  Due to the volume of mail Senator Hutchison receives, she requests that 
all email messages be sent through the contact form found on her website at http://hutchison.senate.gov/?p=email_kay .
If you would like more information about issues pending before the Senate, please visit the Senator's 
website athttp://hutchison.senate.gov .  You will find articles, floor statements, press releases, and weekly 
columns on current events.
Thank you.]

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Hope This Is Not A New Trend

I Don't like that I'm posting yet another negative blog post. I'm a happy person damn it! But I felt like I had to address this. I just read this article I will have to go through it and explain all the ways it is stupid bullshit.

[Right now, someone nearby is buying organic bean sprouts. It may be the last thing he ever does. Last week’s E. coli outbreak in Germany - potentially traced to an organic farm - was more deadly than the largest nuclear disaster of the last quarter-century.]

Wow what a over dramatic first sentence. 
The key word here is POTENTIALLY. If it did come from the organic farm this deadly E. coli came from the manure of livestock stock pumped full of antibiotics everyday creating this shit. That is if it wasn't created in a lab to kill people off, like some people have suggested is the way it has mutated so quickly to be resistant against so many antibiotics. 
Wasn't it from the cucumbers yesterday?

[If that view of the organic industry was ever true, it has changed over the past 20 years. Organic food has grown into a multibillion-dollar global food enterprise driven by the very same bottom-line pressures that safety advocates blame for Tokyo Power and BP putting their corporate profits before public safety. If you don’t believe it, ask yourself why organic bean sprouts cost twice as much as modern bean sprouts. In a word, greed.] 

I will give them that, but they are kind of exaggerating. The companies want to make money, but seriously organic food farmers are like BP? Give me a fucking break.  

[The time has come for even the mighty organic lobby to accept the precautionary principle - the idea that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to organic farms’ potentially deadly practices. Until we know for certain that the outbreak could not have been caused by the suspect organic farm, we must act to protect the public from the unknown risks of organic practices.]

The mighty organic lobby? Are you fucking kidding me? You know how hard it is for me to buy organic? We need to protect the public from the unknown risks of eating real food? How the fuck is some one writing this gibberish? 

[First, the Obama administration needs to impose a timeout in the expansion or opening of any new organic farms while regulators and federal safety experts examine the ongoing dangers presented by organic food.]

Go fuck yourself. 

[The core of organic farming is the rejection of a century’s worth of scientific advances. The same risks that Christian Scientists take with their own children when they reject modern medicine, organic farmers are eager to take with your children when they reject modern agriculture.]

Is that why science is saying how healthy organic food is?  This modern science you say that we are rejecting says that eating pesticides is not healthy for you or the environment. Organic farmers now want you not to get medical treatment? I repeat go fuck yourself. 

[Obviously, the powerful organic industry would object, but the case against it is easily understood. No one would allow an electric utility to build and operate a new nuclear power plant with 1950s-era-technology without proof the design was safer than modern technology. Those who cling to the 1850s feces-based agricultural technology should face the same hurdles. As should those who reject key safety advances such as the E. coli-killing practice of irradiating suspect foods and genetic engineering, which holds promise in using natural biological proc-esses to limit the spread of food-borne illness.]

Irradiating: 1. Expose to radiation.
2. Expose (food) to gamma rays to kill microorganisms. 

Because we know how healthy it is to be expose to radiation.

[With the lives of children at stake - and the fact that the federal government is taking a larger role in paying for expensive health care - we simply can’t allow the organic industry to continue to pretend it is no different from modern agriculture. Have I mentioned saving the children?]

Have I mention how stupid this fear mongering article is? They want us to not eat normal natural food. How bat shit crazy. For the whole article go here. 

If you want to read articles that aren't stupid click on the links below. 

[The study design was both careful and comprehensive in scope. The strawberries were grown on 13 conventional and 13 organic fields, with organic/conventional field pairs located adjacently in order to control for soil type and weather patterns. The data was drawn from repeated harvests over a two-year period, and the strawberries were picked, transported, and stored under identical conditions to replicate retail practices. And just as farming is a complex business, scientists contributing to the study range from soil and food scientists to genetics experts and statistics specialists, who analyzed 31 soil properties, soil DNA, and the relative taste and nutritional quality of three strawberry varieties in California.
The results are pretty convincing: organic strawberries are healthier, tastier, and better for the soil than conventional strawberries.
First, let’s take a look at strawberry quality. Consumers buying organic products consistently cite the health benefits of organic foods as a main purchasing motivation. Yet there is a general lack of conclusive data to back this up. However, the WSU study found that organic strawberries ultimately beat conventional strawberries in quality, based on a number of factors: Organic methods resulted in strawberries with increased antioxidants, vitamin C, and total phenolics. While phosphorus and potassium levels were higher in conventional crops, the study emphasized the importance of vitamin C and antioxidants in relation to human health; vitamin C from strawberries has been shown to have a direct, negative effect on cancer cell growth.
    The plants themselves are also healthier: Organic strawberry plants showed fewer instances of post-harvest fungal rots than conventional strawberries, despite the fact that no fungicides were used on the organic fields. The study notes this finding may prove that organic systems help defend plants against infection through systemic-acquired resistance rather than chemical inputs.
    And for those who value flavor more than health, organic also outdoes conventional in taste tests. Consumer-sensory panels found little difference between two of the organic and conventional strawberry varieties, but preferred the organic "Diamante" variety for its appearance and sweetness over its conventional counterpart.
    Then there’s the issue of soil quality. While consumers may be solely interested in the end result, farming leaders such as Will Allen and Wendell Berry have stressed that high-quality soil is the basis for healthy agro-ecosystems. California farmers have relied on methyl bromide (an ozone-depleting toxic fumigant) to sterilize their soil for decades, and as a result have reduced soil from a habitat for microorganisms into a growing medium devoid of nutrients. Despite the conventional practice of spraying soils with synthetic fertilizers, the study found that organic fields contained significantly higher amounts of nutrients. Organic and conventional soils contained similar levels of most extractable nutrients, but organic soil had higher levels of zinc, boron, sodium, and iron. Organic soils also performed better through a number of biological properties, such as enzyme activities, micronutrient levels, and carbon sequestration.
    But what’s perhaps most interesting in the study is the use of DNA analysis, which helped scientists establish that organic soils contain a significantly higher amount of unique genes and overall genetic diversity. In a time when global warming is creating increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, biodiversity is one of our greatest defenses against climate change (for more on this idea, look no further than activist and physicist Vandana Shiva, a compelling advocate of the social, economic, and health-related benefits of biodiversity).
    Strawberry fumigants are a hot-button issue in California right now, making this study especially timely. While the negative effects of methyl bromide have been established, and it was technically banned under an international treaty back in the 1980s, the fumigant is still being used until a substitute can be found. However, the proposed methyl iodide, approved under the Bush administration in 2008, is possibly even more toxic than methyl bromide, as Tom Laskawy has covered for Grist. In light of the study, this controversy is bordering on the absurd -- why even look for a new fumigant when organic production clearly produces better soil quality, increased nutrient density, and doesn't rely on chemicals that make farm workers sick?
    For any naysayers out there who are clinging to the Monsanto line that conventional agriculture is the only way to feed the world, while this study doesn’t delve into crop yields itself, a 2009 report put out by the Union of Concerned Scientists may put that claim to rest. Despite the fact that in some instances conventional methods may marginally raise the yield of food crops (while genetically modified crops were shown to produce no increase in yield), this study notes it comes at a high cost to the environment and our health. The chemical inputs used in conventional farming are directlycontributing to unpredictable climate changes, which will affect our long-term ability to consistently grow food.
    It's hard to argue against Reganold's findings. Even while some categories of analysis produced similar results between conventional and organic strawberries, the fact that organic methods did not rely on toxic chemical inputs is a big, juicy point in its favor. Promoting organic agro-ecosystems means fewer people will be exposed to toxic chemicals, all in the name of producing a healthier, tastier piece of fruit.]

    FUCK YEAH ORGANIC! It could be a super hero!  

    [But the argument for industrial agriculture and biotechnology is built on a misleading depiction of what organic agriculture is, bolstered with shaky statistics, and constructed by ignoring the on-the-ground lessons of success stories across the globe.]

    Thank you NPR!

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    10 things that piss me off.

    Alternate title MOM DON'T READ THIS.
    I have a feeling this is not going to be a popular post but here it is. 

    1. Fucking Obama deregulating GMO crops! He was like FUCK the supreme court injunction. Fuck safety and fuck the hippies that voted for me! This after he had the giant shit balls idea to appoint one of the lead assholes from Monsanto Corp. (aka Satan) as a new FDA deputy.  Sure glad your kids are eating out of that nice ass organic garden asshole. Normal people can just go swim in fucking roundup  and hope that our kids are fucking born with gills so they can survive after the ice caps melt. 

    2. Fucking Weiner lying about flashing his dong everywhere. I stood up for you dick! Then all these people want to freak out because he took pictures of his cotton cover throbbing member of congress and showed them to women. Did you see those pictures? Of course he wanted to show that shit off. I don't give a flying fuck about those pictures other then they were awesome. Was it wrong yes, but I'm not dating him! He does a kick ass job. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Let him keep kicking ass. Hell if him whoring around helped him kick so much ass I say let him do it! For the good of the country. It was just talking dirty over the internet NOT A BIG FUCKING DEAL!

    3. People who don't pick up their dog's shit at the dog park.

    4. The fact that with all this Weiner bullshit going on I forgot about the anniversary of D day. Which makes me an asshole!

    5. Fucking Rick Perry! That stupid son of a bitch renting out a stadium to pray! Bitch you can pray anywhere for free! Better yet get off your knees you cock smoker and start fixing some of this shit! Hop to it asshole! You want rain? stop selling out our environment so global warming doesn't kick our ass. You want to fix our fucking economy? Make the people fucking up our environment pay some fucking taxes! And stop fucking up the TX education system you horrible bitch. I bet you use santorum for hair gel you fucking fuck.You and your nuclear waste dump. 

    6, Make giant corporations pay taxes!!! Stop fucking making people work for 7.25 an hour. Who the hell can support themselves, much less a family on 7.25 an hour? NOFUCKINBODY that's who!


    8. Why the hell is pot and hookers not legal? Seriously if people are going to fuck everything up till this country is some kind of post apocalyptic hell scape we should at least get pot and hookers. 

    9. When my kid pisses on my fan!

    10. Republicans 

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Random Thought From A Random Person

    Some times there is just too much nature around here. I like it when it is outside, but it likes to come inside. Today a spider dropped down on me from the ceiling while I was stuck on the toilet I almost lost my damn mind.

    Corn as we know it would stop existing if people stopped planting it. We have bred it to be so deformed it can't pollinate by it's self anymore.

    Anthony Weiner likes to talk dirty to women over the internet. And looks really good doing it. I want to blow up his pictures into posters. BTW little jealous I did not personally receive any... Maybe that is why breitbart has his panties in a knot.

    IT IS TOO DAMN HOT! It is 100 degrees and raining right now. What the shit is that? At least it is finally raining.

    When ants are drunk they can only turn right

    You can't cry in space

    Tickling evolved as a way to help babies learn to defend themselves. That is why your neck and ribs are ticklish and we have the strange urge to tickle little ones. It teaches them to jump when those places are being attacked. 

    I love it when you get all green lights going through town. Feels like a real victory.

    ‎"Laissez les bons temps rouler everybody, which I'm pretty sure means SHOW ME YO TITTIES!" Stephen Colbert

    I want to get into some form of martial arts. 

    I spent most of Sunday thinking it was Friday. 

    I don't like that the polar ice caps are melting, but not because of the polar bears. It's hard for me to get too sympathetic for an animal that would like to eat my face. Fuck that nature you scary. 

     More then a few times I have accidentally set the kitchen on fire trying to boil water.

    All my toes look like they should belong to different people.

    If you leave a radio playing in your garden it really keeps out the wild life.

    I wish I had basic social skills. I seem to be missing what ever it is that people have that makes them not awkward.

    I think people should stop being dicks. I know you can't go your whole life and not be a dick at some point or another, but some people seem to make it constant thing.

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    My Thoughts On Sex Scandals and Gender.

    "first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women." - Tony Montana

    Why don't female politician get caught in as many sex scandals as men?

    1. There aren't as many women in politics.
    Not just that, but it is harder for women to get into politics. Makes sense that they would have to be more motived. If they were too busy chasing booty they probably would have picked a less demanding profession. I bet the more women we get in politics the more women will be caught with their pants down. My guess is Sarah Palin will eventually be in one. Some one who gets that much of their self worth with their looks usually needs validation through attention from men. Plus she didn't get where she is by being smart.

    2. Not as many men attracted to women with power.
    Lots of women find men having power sexy. Most men find women with power intimidating. Back when we were cave people it was important for women to breed with the man who would be the best provider for them and their offspring. Having a powerful man makes a women's life easier with out all the stigma that comes with a man who has a sugar mommas.

    3. Gender roles.
    If a man sleeps around it means he is a man's man. Boys will be boys and that kind of bullshit. Women who sleep around are stupid sluts and should be ashamed blah blah blah.

    4. Men love to show off their junk.
    I know this is a generalization again but anyone who has ever even heard of chat roulette knows the rumors. For the most part it is penis that has infested that site. If they had a site with that much cooter on it you would have to pay. I can see why they want to show it off. It looks like a fun toy.

    5. Men associate sex with power.
    Not just men but a lot more men then women. Like females who get their validation through being found attractive to men sleep around. Men who get their validation by being found attractive by women sleep around to make themselves feel better. Like most things in life when you get down to the bottom of it people are usually motivated by sex. I want power to get laid. I'm powerful give me some chong chong! Men who lust after power usually lust after power over women, but I'm not going to go into that right now.

    6. Men cheat more.
    Us ladies are closing this gap but for the majority of human history it's been this way. Another reason I think it wont be long till we have a woman sex scandal. On top of men (insert immature giggle) cheating more, women are better liars so if we do cheat we are less likely to get caught. Men go after some one who is there and willing. Even if it is not the smartest choice for some one who doesn't want to get caught.
    Take it easy and if it's easy take it twice right fellas?
     When women cheat it is usually for more emotional reasons. It is thought out. It takes longer to fill emotional needs then it does to just fill holes.
    This probably goes back to the cave men days to. When men tried to spread their DNA as much as they could and women wanted a man who would help take care of the offspring. Still not a bad idea ladies.
    Interesting fact. Scientist have found out that when women are ovulating they are more attracted to bigger, tougher, men. When they are not they are more likely to attracted to a more sensitive guy, but this really isn't the post for all that.

    Morning with Lola

    There is probably going to be 2 post today I really wanted my next post to be about how come you don't see so many women politicians sending pictures of their junk to everyone. That is going to take a bit of research and I can't pull it off right now. Kids make research difficult. This was just too cute to not talk about. 
    I like to take photos. I got a small break from the kids to take a walk with my camera and it went something like this.

    I started trying to take macro pictures of some water drops. 

    Looks fun


    Hey how's it going?

    What are you doing momma?

    Time to go

    Bacon flavored kisses

    Time to go home find a new friend

    Lola Tries to eat it

    It's good to be home.