Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Silly Email

One day a while back I was sitting in my room checking my email. I opened an email from a friend that obviously  had a political orientation. I was excited about this because I use to not get a lot of political emails. It was a forwarded email which was a good sign I shouldn't take it too seriously. It was a video. It started playing and it was a man in a Benjamin Franklin costume. I thought to myself oh goody a joke. Then I started listening to the silly man give a very passionate speech. I'm a pretty open minded person so I listen to it. I was like yeah the government has done a lot of things lately that piss me off, but it's not because I pay too much taxes. How silly I'm not going to mail tea bags. Maybe if it was for protesting how the city water looks like you already put a teabag in it and how every time you looked in the toilet it always looked like someone didn't flush. Or how the creek down the road is so polluted they tell people not to eat the fish out of it. Not over taxes.

I'm real surprised I remember the email as well as I do. I really didn't see it going anywhere how could someone take something like that seriously? It was funny and people like to bitch I figured that would be the start and the end of it. Looking at that email I would have never of guessed so many people would make that their way of life. Then they started having protest, and conventions, and rallies.

I found out later that the tea party was just a front for the incredibly rich to manipulate and distract the scared and uneducated people to make it look like a grass roots movement.  You keep people poor a scared and they are easily manipulated. It really is smart when you think about. No one fights harder for a cause then if they think someone is going to destroy their family. So they started saying the gay Muslim Kenyan monkey socialist nazi monster was going to kill your grandma and kill your babies. So even though the republicans wrecked the economy and the people running the corporations were keeping them poor and scared and doing a lot of damage to their grandmas and babies they got people who were obviously not paying attention to believe Obama did it. Pretty impressive.

The true beauty (or terror) of what they have done is that all the stuff they got those people to commit to is real hard for people to come back from. It's understandably difficult for people to be likes oops looks like Obama wasn't a terror baby from Kenya. My bad. Once you start claiming shit like that you are really committed. Once you dress up like Benjamin Franklin with tea bags dangling from your head screaming in anger because some one has convinced you this is what God wants, you're committed (and should probably be the other kind of committed).  

Ain't that some shit? Don't get me wrong it's a good thing that people can believe strongly about things and don't flip flop with every article they read, but come on! Have people always been so concerned with being right? If your going to take life lessons from people like this your probably not planning it out very well. Logic went out the window some people lost their minds. Shit happens.

What I'm getting at is Tea Baggers it's ok to come back to some kind of sanity. Liberals really are not out to get you. You were tricked, again shit happens and we will welcome you back with open arms. You don't even have to vote for liberals just stop voting for people who are bat shit crazy. God is not calling on them to run for shit they are using your beliefs to manipulate you. It's ok to be wrong everyone does it that doesn't mean you have to do it the rest of your life.

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