Monday, June 20, 2011

Are Blondes Mutants?

Apparently yes, yes they are. Ain't that some shit?

I was doing a little research for the blog post I was going to write and I stumbled upon an article called Cavemen Preferred blondes. Being a part of this hair minority I was interested.

Turns out that there was a lack of men in Europe 10,000 years ago. So when they got the chance to mate they pretty much got their pick of the ladies. They picked the mutants with blonde hair and blue eyes and populated the area with their mutant offspring!

After finding out that I started wondering why I had green eyes unlike most of the worlds population. Turns out that to is a mutation of blue eyes. So not just a mutation but it's a mutation of a mutation. Apparently One person had a genetic mutation that turned their eyes blue. Then some times that mutates and turns eyes green. Which explains why my parents don't have green eyes. A interesting piece of information is scientist think all those people have one common ancestor. I don't know why they don't think it could have happen to more then one person over the long history of mankind but whatever.

So to recap on my research of today I'm a mutated mutant and freaks are sexy.

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