Monday, July 11, 2011

Ron Paul's Brain Is a Dirty Diaper

It's not always full of shit, but it stinks and nothing has came out of it that made me want to vote for him.

Yesterday I went to go house hunting. The guy tying to sell us the house would not stop talking. He talked about how he was a big dick to all his X wives. For some reason when he found out I didn't like coffee he told me he didn't drink coffee, even though he had a cup of coffee on his desk. Then he was like oh I drink coffee here. Like I give a fuck where and when that douche drinks coffee. Any ways eventually his nonsense babble turned to politics. Of course he was a Ron Paul supporter. In his words "I like him but he can't win".

No shit? You mean our country hasn't devolved enough to elect an openly racist, crackpot, want to be anarchist? Halle fuckin luja for some good news.

When I see a Ron Paul sticker on someone's car it might as well read I don't really know about politics, but I'm very opinionated.

Pretty much everything that keeps this county from being a total shit hole Ron Paul is against. Let me a list a few for you.

Public libraries, Fire departments, the EPA, government safety guidelines for food, Government safety guidelines for building, Safety in general, government officials other then himself, public education, medicaid, medicare, social security, income tax, public parks, any kind of gun control. There is a lot more but you get the idea.

With all this anti government nonsense he spews what does he want to use the government for? Other then to protect him from young black men? He also wants to make sure he takes away a woman's right to choose. Apparently his body and his money is his business. A woman's body and money is also his business.

People say oh the free market will work everything out. That is so fucking stupid it makes me want to stab myself in my head with a fork. Corporations? They are pretty much running things now, but I'm not ready to give up the fight and just hand them total control.

A Ron Paul troll told me the other day that people wouldn't use an unsafe company. What world did that bitch live on? Broke people are broke. They are going to use cheap companies if the can, even if they put the whole world in danger because they have a lack of options. Most corporations are killing the earth and sucking the life out of it's people. The same companies that lie to us all the damn time about how safe their factories/products are till they kill enough people that they can't hide it anymore. These are the people Ron is protecting.

He is getting rich (very rich by that government money he hates so much, the corporations he works for, and the people he is fucking over when they believe his bullshit) by trying to make other people poor.  Trying to take away minimum wage even though raising the minimum wage has shown to help this country. Trying to take away workers rights and safe working conditions. He wants to take away health care for anyone who is not super rich because you know the "free market" isn't going to be handing that out. They have governments like the one Ron is preaching about. Here is a short video about it.

Don't get me wrong I can see I can see why people who don't know much about him would want to vote for him. He wants to make drugs legal. Fantastic. He wants to lower people's taxes great. He preaches about how he wants to keep the government out of people's lives, but only for rich old white men. I have to be honest with you I would rather not be able to do legal heroin if it means my kids have no safe schools to go to. Making schools, prisons, and war for profit is a FUCKING TERRIBLE IDEA and Ron Paul can shove it up his ass. I would rather our government go to war then just setting Black Water free to do what ever war they want (wish we would stop the wars though). Corporations need less power in this country not more. People want to trust him because he is polite and looks like an adorable little old man, but for fuck sake learn a little bit about the man before you join his cult like following or get all butt hurt by people making fun of him.