Thursday, July 7, 2011

Helpful Tips From The Anti Betty Crocker

 I am feeling pretty damn good about myself right now. I cooked dinner two nights in a row. Not only was it edible but it was good and I didn't set anything on fire!

 I know you're jealous as hell.

 I have been trying to not let my inadequacy in the kitchen negatively effect my kids. So I have been coming up with ways to feed them healthy foods. One thing I've learned is that making an awesome ground turkey meat loaf is easy! I also add a little sweet pickle juice. MMM MMM bitches.

On most nights I'm not feeling that culinary (btw if your a grammar nazi you're probably on the wrong blog). So I try to buy healthy stuff and sneak healthier stuff into it. Example: last night I made a frozen chicken alfredo dinner which is not so healthy so I put in some zucchini from the garden and it was awesome! I have figure out that you can sneak zucchini into almost anything.

You can also buy wonderful central market macaroni and cheese from HEB and mix summer squash in it. Fantastic! I'm a huge fan of HEB. They like to buy their stuff locally and the central market organic  products are awesome and you should put it in your face.

 This is also a good trick to try with your garden tomatoes. Not with macaroni but with pretty much any Italian dish. Or anything red go ahead and throw them in there.

Or as always you can take your squash and zucchini and boil them in a pot. Even better throw some okra in there fast, easy, and tasty. I can't get my kids to eat it but maybe your a good parent who don't have to trick their kids into eating right. I don't know.  

When your in a hurry I have found these awesome organic chocolate crisp bars. I bought them for the kids but ended up eating most of them myself, added bonus gluten free.

Anything I have ever bought made by Cascadian Farms Organic has just been wonderful. They make a lot of the cereal, snack bars, and other things that are easy and the kids love.

I hate to say this because I don't want to talk bad about a company that sells so many organic products, but I'm going to. I have not tasted anything made by Annie's I actually like. The kids like the cheesy ravioli so that is something. If I'm wrong please leave a comment about a product you like by them because I really want to like this company.

 Earth's Best Organic Makes great stuff for the wee ones. My daughter is a big fan of their blue berry snack fruit hearts and the fruit bars. Plus they are in cahoots with sesame street so you know they gots to be good. 

Ok I have to go get the clothes off the line. I saved like 30 bucks on my electric bill since I put it up not even a month ago. Score!  

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  1. I miss good red beef...are we gonna be run over by cows like India? LOL!