Monday, July 18, 2011

Oops I caught myself being sexist

This is my formal apology 

A few days ago I posted the story about the woman who cut off her husband's junk and put it down the garbage disposal. Not just that, she drugged him, tied him up, and he woke up to his penis being cut off. I knew it was fucked up, but I found myself wondering why she did it. Wondering if he cheated or hit her or something. Then I got to thinking about it.

If a man drugged a woman and then cut off her clit and sewed up her vagina I would fight back the urge to vomit and not think for reasons to defend him.

Not really sure why I did that. I adore penis and I think guys do get the short end of the stick some times. When a woman rapes a man or hits a man people don't take it as seriously as they should. I guess it is kind of hard to feel bad for men being a woman because we get the short end of the stick a lot. That doesn't make it ok it is still fucked up.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr.



  1. I recently heard the story going around of the Russian woman who held hostage and raped a man trying to steal from her. She kept him in the back room for 3 days, feeding him Viagra and raping him. The people telling me were laughing. I was blown away. I don't see how that is funny at all... but you are right, as a woman it is hard to take things like this happening to a man as seriously as we would if it happened to a woman.

  2. I don't think it's sexist anymore than I think 10,000 years of male domination might make for turnabout as fair play once in a while. I think it's the same reason you will always see a black guy chuckle when he watches a white guy get carried away by the police...

  3. Interesting story. I am holding back here on temptation to go there with a bad joke about short end of the stick. On a serious note, I remember the Lorena Bobbit story, and it bringing similar thoughts to mind. Bottom line for me: because we all carry prejudices, we are poorly equipped to judge others. Prejudices serve a necessary purpose in society, and it is up to the individual to take responsibility for how they act on those prejudices: You either nurture them purposefully, allow them to lay dormant and ignore them, or you move yourself to a call to action. I think your post falls under a call to action. I think it is relevant because it asks us all to look inside for a review of our own perceived sense of righteousness and 'rightness'. Thanks for sharing :)