Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toy Guns Annoy The Crap Out Of Me

Probably not for the same reason it does other hippie moms. I don't think it is a moral issue and if you give a kid a toy gun it will make them violent or go out and shoot people. It's really not that hard to keep guns where kids can not physically get to them. Plus even if you don't give your kids toy guns it is very important for them to understand that you NEVER EVER play with a gun or be around other people playing with guns. I played with them all the time growing up and the only thing it did was make me even more of an annoying child then I already was.
1. They are annoying even compared to other kids toys! Who the hell wants kids running around shoving shit in your face yelling BAM BAM BAM! My husband recently bought the kids toy guns with that red paper popping crap that is loud and stinky. Seriously what was that maniac thinking?
Also I know most people will never have to worry about this but I have a friend who got shot 9 times and finds it hard with the PTSD to deal with that shit. With all the vets recently coming home from war I bet there will be more and more people with this issue. He wasn't a vet he was just hanging out at his house and some random crazy person knocked on the door shot his dad in the head and then turn the gun on him then asked for a drink of water. Now he is a little sensitive (big understatement) about kids pretending to shoot him. They are ok for the most part this story kind of derailed. The point is toy guns are annoying and can make people have dangerous flash backs.
2. My son is Autistic and I don't really know if he can fully understand that the bright orange play toy is different then the killing machines. Which for the most part doesn't matter because again I don't leave guns where they can get to them. The problem is that the manic I mention earlier isn't gun smart along with countless other gun nuts in this state. interesting fact, There are 2 guns for every person in TX. My husband now understand the importance of guns safety. Which is fantastic because I would hate to pistol whip him over gun safety. That would be some awesome situational irony for a hippie to beat a redneck with a gun, but I would rather not. I just can't teach all the manics and it would only take one irresponsible gun owner to ruin my life. Honestly sometimes people's recklessness is amazing. It makes me really wonder about that darwin theory. Because yeah sometimes people do stupid shit that ends up killing them but more often then not they do stupid shit that kills an innocent bystanders before they go knock up their girlfriends.

I think a better title for this post would have been toy guns are annoying, but not as annoying as irresponsible gun owners.


  1. *L* Yeah they are annoying (both toy guns and irresponsible gun owners). And I agree at how astounding the prevalence of guns is. My running joke since I settled here is that Texas is the only state where gun ownership is mandatory. Ultimately while I have no problem with guns in theory, it's in practice that I have some issues. Especially the Fetishization and Totemization of them. To put it bluntly, a gun will not keep you safe. Anymore than a shovel will dig you a hole. It is only ones skillful and appropriate use of a gun that can do that. Sadly it seems that a lot of people think that just by having the damn thing they are suddenly invulnerable.

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