Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 things that piss me off.

Alternate title MOM DON'T READ THIS.
I have a feeling this is not going to be a popular post but here it is. 

1. Fucking Obama deregulating GMO crops! He was like FUCK the supreme court injunction. Fuck safety and fuck the hippies that voted for me! This after he had the giant shit balls idea to appoint one of the lead assholes from Monsanto Corp. (aka Satan) as a new FDA deputy.  Sure glad your kids are eating out of that nice ass organic garden asshole. Normal people can just go swim in fucking roundup  and hope that our kids are fucking born with gills so they can survive after the ice caps melt. 

2. Fucking Weiner lying about flashing his dong everywhere. I stood up for you dick! Then all these people want to freak out because he took pictures of his cotton cover throbbing member of congress and showed them to women. Did you see those pictures? Of course he wanted to show that shit off. I don't give a flying fuck about those pictures other then they were awesome. Was it wrong yes, but I'm not dating him! He does a kick ass job. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Let him keep kicking ass. Hell if him whoring around helped him kick so much ass I say let him do it! For the good of the country. It was just talking dirty over the internet NOT A BIG FUCKING DEAL!

3. People who don't pick up their dog's shit at the dog park.

4. The fact that with all this Weiner bullshit going on I forgot about the anniversary of D day. Which makes me an asshole!

5. Fucking Rick Perry! That stupid son of a bitch renting out a stadium to pray! Bitch you can pray anywhere for free! Better yet get off your knees you cock smoker and start fixing some of this shit! Hop to it asshole! You want rain? stop selling out our environment so global warming doesn't kick our ass. You want to fix our fucking economy? Make the people fucking up our environment pay some fucking taxes! And stop fucking up the TX education system you horrible bitch. I bet you use santorum for hair gel you fucking fuck.You and your nuclear waste dump. 

6, Make giant corporations pay taxes!!! Stop fucking making people work for 7.25 an hour. Who the hell can support themselves, much less a family on 7.25 an hour? NOFUCKINBODY that's who!


8. Why the hell is pot and hookers not legal? Seriously if people are going to fuck everything up till this country is some kind of post apocalyptic hell scape we should at least get pot and hookers. 

9. When my kid pisses on my fan!

10. Republicans