Friday, June 3, 2011

My Thoughts On Sex Scandals and Gender.

"first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women." - Tony Montana

Why don't female politician get caught in as many sex scandals as men?

1. There aren't as many women in politics.
Not just that, but it is harder for women to get into politics. Makes sense that they would have to be more motived. If they were too busy chasing booty they probably would have picked a less demanding profession. I bet the more women we get in politics the more women will be caught with their pants down. My guess is Sarah Palin will eventually be in one. Some one who gets that much of their self worth with their looks usually needs validation through attention from men. Plus she didn't get where she is by being smart.

2. Not as many men attracted to women with power.
Lots of women find men having power sexy. Most men find women with power intimidating. Back when we were cave people it was important for women to breed with the man who would be the best provider for them and their offspring. Having a powerful man makes a women's life easier with out all the stigma that comes with a man who has a sugar mommas.

3. Gender roles.
If a man sleeps around it means he is a man's man. Boys will be boys and that kind of bullshit. Women who sleep around are stupid sluts and should be ashamed blah blah blah.

4. Men love to show off their junk.
I know this is a generalization again but anyone who has ever even heard of chat roulette knows the rumors. For the most part it is penis that has infested that site. If they had a site with that much cooter on it you would have to pay. I can see why they want to show it off. It looks like a fun toy.

5. Men associate sex with power.
Not just men but a lot more men then women. Like females who get their validation through being found attractive to men sleep around. Men who get their validation by being found attractive by women sleep around to make themselves feel better. Like most things in life when you get down to the bottom of it people are usually motivated by sex. I want power to get laid. I'm powerful give me some chong chong! Men who lust after power usually lust after power over women, but I'm not going to go into that right now.

6. Men cheat more.
Us ladies are closing this gap but for the majority of human history it's been this way. Another reason I think it wont be long till we have a woman sex scandal. On top of men (insert immature giggle) cheating more, women are better liars so if we do cheat we are less likely to get caught. Men go after some one who is there and willing. Even if it is not the smartest choice for some one who doesn't want to get caught.
Take it easy and if it's easy take it twice right fellas?
 When women cheat it is usually for more emotional reasons. It is thought out. It takes longer to fill emotional needs then it does to just fill holes.
This probably goes back to the cave men days to. When men tried to spread their DNA as much as they could and women wanted a man who would help take care of the offspring. Still not a bad idea ladies.
Interesting fact. Scientist have found out that when women are ovulating they are more attracted to bigger, tougher, men. When they are not they are more likely to attracted to a more sensitive guy, but this really isn't the post for all that.

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