Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Thought From A Random Person

Some times there is just too much nature around here. I like it when it is outside, but it likes to come inside. Today a spider dropped down on me from the ceiling while I was stuck on the toilet I almost lost my damn mind.

Corn as we know it would stop existing if people stopped planting it. We have bred it to be so deformed it can't pollinate by it's self anymore.

Anthony Weiner likes to talk dirty to women over the internet. And looks really good doing it. I want to blow up his pictures into posters. BTW little jealous I did not personally receive any... Maybe that is why breitbart has his panties in a knot.

IT IS TOO DAMN HOT! It is 100 degrees and raining right now. What the shit is that? At least it is finally raining.

When ants are drunk they can only turn right

You can't cry in space

Tickling evolved as a way to help babies learn to defend themselves. That is why your neck and ribs are ticklish and we have the strange urge to tickle little ones. It teaches them to jump when those places are being attacked. 

I love it when you get all green lights going through town. Feels like a real victory.

‎"Laissez les bons temps rouler everybody, which I'm pretty sure means SHOW ME YO TITTIES!" Stephen Colbert

I want to get into some form of martial arts. 

I spent most of Sunday thinking it was Friday. 

I don't like that the polar ice caps are melting, but not because of the polar bears. It's hard for me to get too sympathetic for an animal that would like to eat my face. Fuck that nature you scary. 

 More then a few times I have accidentally set the kitchen on fire trying to boil water.

All my toes look like they should belong to different people.

If you leave a radio playing in your garden it really keeps out the wild life.

I wish I had basic social skills. I seem to be missing what ever it is that people have that makes them not awkward.

I think people should stop being dicks. I know you can't go your whole life and not be a dick at some point or another, but some people seem to make it constant thing.

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