Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Information

I have had serious writer's block lately. Here's hoping if I just start writing again something will come out.

I bit into what I thought was a muffin earlier and it turned out to be some kind of inside out cupcake that was filled with chocolate icing. It was AMAZING , but diffidently the devil’s work. Everything is trying to make me fat.

I have been in a huge funk. Recently I have become a single mom again and it has really thrown me off. It went as well as a break up can go, but still a bummer. Hippie liberal single momma. Ha ha.

I wanted to do a PSA on spiked collars. They don’t just look awesome, but they protect the dogs neck. So if you live in a place with a lot of strays, or you have strange dogs around, or your dogs are rough and you have to leave them alone together you might want to look into one.

I think I look way too much like I did when I was 14 except with a few extra pounds. I don’t know how I feel about that. Especially since I feel like I’m a senior citizen. I did look pretty old for 14. Don’t guess it matters.

Moving on. Ok Occupy Wall Street seems to be picking up steam :thumbs up: . Not as much stuff in the news as I would like, but it’s going better then I thought it would. There has been poop slinging from Fox (of course), but all in all not too bad. I don’t know how so many people don’t get what it is about, but it takes a while for people to pay attention then wade through the misinformation (if they ever accomplish it at all). BTW who ever that asshole was who shit on the cop car FUCK YOU! Some one take him behind the shed. I’m not sure if he was really part of the protest or just some picture someone found since I have never seen any info on where it came from other then people bitching, but he is not helping the cause.  We need people out there, but not crazy assholes. The world is judging OWS harshly.  Plus watch your ass for saboteurs and assholes.

I still miss Rep. Weiner.  How awesome would it be to have him at OWS?


The home made beer and wine came out fantastic. The pepper plants are also doing well.  Strangely enough the tomato plants are also coming back from the dead. Yummy zombie tomatoes!

I made a kick ass Dez Nutz joke that I mailed in a prepaid envelope back to discover card.

I’m going to be making shirts this weekend to sell so keep an eye out for that. The shirts will have nothing to do with Dez Nutz.

Keep an eye on this
 Citizens United Going Down? Democrats Introduce Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Ruling


Also wanted to thank everyone for your continued support. I really enjoy this silly little blog and that is because of you people.


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  1. Gotta love zombie tomatoes..but what do they go around saying? Can't see them saying "Brains". "Seeds" maybe? Lol!