Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Ask a Foreigner Series.

I started a new pen pal thing with people from outside of the US. I'm going to use some of their responses (after I run the final draft by them for approval of course). It is going great! If you would like to participate please contact me at I already have people from Canada, Ireland, England, and Germany. So no one from those places thanks.

Ok so as part as my little experiment I decided to ask some of the same kind of questions to my boyfriend here in the US.
When he filled it out he didn't know I planned on posting it on my blog. Jokes on him. This is how I roll.
I had to censor some of it. My mom reads this.

From Huntsville, TX.
1. Why did you start following my page?

A: Well you told me, and I found it both informative and entertaining.  There is always something interesting there.

2. What do you think of the US media?

A: It is full of mis/disinformation, repetitive, opinionated, and generally useless.

3. Tell me about your personal experience with the health care system and if you like it?

A: No I don't like it.  I have no insurance yet, and the free variants are mostly useless.  I also dislike the fact that I'll be required under federal law to purchase health insurance that I already cannot afford with the promise of massive fines or hard jail time.  If this is untrue then see question 2 for an explanation to my ignorance.

4. Tell me about the education system where you are at.

A: What is there to say?  My state is on of the most illterate in the nation.  The combined cirriculum of state and federal has been describbed by Charlotte Iserbyt,  retired Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), as soviet education.  It makes sense because my state has a high illiteracy rate, critical thinking seems to have dramatically lost popularity, and parents seem to be forgetting that the school works for them rather than vice versa.  But that's an opinion based off my personal observations.  Whatever the case our education sucks.

5. Are the people where you live generally happy?

A: Not for the most part.  Most people seem so stressed, bitter, angry, or braindead.  Some people don't really seem to express anything in particular.  But I have run across a few people who smile in the face of stress.

6. How do the people around you feel about America?

A: It varies from person to person, ideology to ideology, and culture to culture.  But for the most part everyone at least seems to be in agreement that something is terribly amiss even if they are unsure what that something is.  There are some ignorant people though, and not everyone seems to be fully aware quite yet the full extent of what is really happening in the shadows.

This picture is unrelated. I just thought it was hilarious. 

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