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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Repeat Fuck PETA!


  1. i tend to ignore all things involving peta because i find their shock tactics to be pointless whne it comes to helping to get people to join their cause... all of my animals are animals that were from puppymills or were deemed 'unadoptable' -- the idea that these people could very well have killed the dogs i love so much who are a part of my family makes me livid. fuck peta.

  2. I have no idea what that women's sterilization has anything to do with anything. I'm opposed to giving birth, I plan on sterilizing myself. Other than that, this needs to be spread, I always hated PETA and HSUS is just as bad. Ugh. Why aren't any organizations HONEST?

  3. I really would Like to C Ingrid answer to all of this! Humans are all deliriously out of it, they always have been! No matter what, the pattern of organizations are reflective of our brain function as human animals, it's sad how nature is responsible ... it's always the same issues of stupidity with all of them! It's tiring...