Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm sick of the silence on the pipeline protest!

275 people have been arrested. Some of them celebrities. This alone seems like it should be big enough "news" to get a shout out on every major news channels a few times. Right?

Turns out no. You would think a pipeline as dangerous as the Keystone XL Pipeline would raise some eye brows. Now not only will Texas have a nuclear waste dump it will be a dumping ground for this tar sands pipeline. There are a lot of good people who are standing up for the gulf (who have been abused enough by big oil).

Not only do they want to run a path of destruction from Canada to Texas. They want to rape North America's environment and natural resources to pump up our gas prices "to European levels "


Even if you forget about the environment, the protesters, and your morals how could the news ignore that the government is giving away private property to the oil companies!  How is such a blatant abuse of American people being ignored?

Please take the time to tell these "news" channels to do their damn job and cover important issues. Fuck the kardashian wedding. How do these people sleep at night? Here is a link to a list of contact that will make it super easy.

For fuck sake "this was the largest act of civil disobedience in the history of the climate movement. More than 200 people have already been arrested; the number will keep growing"  It should not be ignored!

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