Friday, September 2, 2011

The Fashion Police Are Getting Out Of Hands.

I just heard on the news about how like in other places TX might make saggy pants against the law.

Don't get me wrong I really, really, REALLY don't like looking at people with their pants way low and their underwear showing, (especially knowing that the fashion started by "punks" in prisons trying to advertise) but I don't think we should have laws against it. They aren't hurting anyone. When did this country start having actual fashion police.

This is starting to seem way too much like morality police in Saudi Arabia to me.

Where does this stop? I mean I don't like to sag but it is hard for me to get pants that fit right. If I bend over and my pants aren't as high as they should be am I getting in trouble? It happens a lot this could really screw me over. Are they going to start saying how long our sleeves have to be next? If I have a whale tail that is my problem. If I can see topless women selling jeans on billboards (like god intended) people should be able to be tacky. I would say that things are getting ridicules, but at least I'm allowed to wear pants. What I should say is lets try not to let this country backslid. I don't want to have to wear a bonnet.

How can you take away freedoms? Especially over a fad.

Here is a little more info on whale tails

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  1. i most *ESPECIALLY* love the last pic! OMFG!!!! BAAHAHAHAHA!!!! :D

    (great post anyway! i dont like looking at em either, but i agree w/ you that this has the potential to go much too far!)