Friday, September 16, 2011

La la la I can't hear you the gardasil debate

Let's review.
Gardasil has been in the news a lot this week. Michele Bachmann got up in front of god and everyone and said it causes mental retardation. :sigh: Even for someone like her I was shocked. There is a giant list of well known side effects to gardasil. I mean an ass load. You have a good chance of naming one if you just start randomly stringing words together. She pretty much named the one thing it does not cause (as far as I know).
The side effect list reads like this.

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In the left's rush to bash Bachmann they are trying to make her look stupid by making this vaccine look good. Which if you know anything about this vaccine you know this is not true. We don't have to work to make Bachmann look stupid just listen to her. 

Distorting facts to make some one look bad is just a sad tactic. They should stop down playing the serious side effects of a drug not proven beneficial for these young girls. On top of that while bashing Bachmann the harmless oaf they are making Rick Perry look reasonable. A man who was bribed by merck  for way more the 5,000 to mandate a dangerous drug  on young girls against theirs and their parents wishes. A man who if we like it or not might be a serious contender for Obama job (vomit).  

The media is doing it again. Manipulating it to make anyone who question big corporations look crazy. Remember when that woman sued McDonalds for her hot coffee burning her? She was prosecuted in the media. Even though that particular McDanalds have been ticketed multiple times for selling their coffee at dangerous temperatures. They decided them saving money on coffee was more important then public safety. They got sued and people lost their damn minds because one woman with a fucked up lap won a law suit against one of the largest corporations in the world. That probably wouldn't happen today. Corporation are more powerful. But I got off topic. 

I have been talking about it for days now. Some people refuse to listen to anything that doesn't back up their views. People keep spewing things they heard on that TV show that one time.



The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
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I love Bill Maher. He explains the whole thing very well.

People are afraid to even talk about it. 

Now they are trying to mandate it in California. Do not get this confused this is not about children safety or sex. These mandates are bought and paid for by drug companies.   This is a sick abuse of power and disgusting violation of parental rights. 

1. They can't prove it will work.

2. In the US the vaccine is either as, or more deadly then cervical cancer. Depending on whose numbers you are using.

3. The government will not be with those children if they have a vaccine reaction.

4. You still have to get pap smears because it does not keep you from getting HPV or cancer.

People keep trying to argue that this vaccine does not cause mental retardation and does not make girls slutty. WOOPIE FUCKING DO! That doesn't make it a safe vaccine.

Them: We don't have polio any more.

Me: Fantastic, but has nothing to do with gardasil.

Them: It's FDA approve.

Me: So? FDA approved drugs are proven dangerous all the time.

Them: You're just fear mongering.

Me: People can't seem to find any flaws in my logic or data, but I'm fear mongering. I get that reality is scary, but come on people. Put on your big girl panties and deal with this shit. People say if you don't buy this shot you will die of cancer and I'm fear mongering. Even though cervical cancer is very rare.

Them: You're just anti vaccine because your son has Autism.

Me: Really? because my son has had vaccines. So has his younger siblings. Not gardasil because HPV is the common cold of std that 80% of sexual active people will have at one time in their lives, and in 90% of the cases clears up on it's own. Plus the only way to prevent cervical cancer is regular pap smears even with the shot. Cervical cancer is very rare in the US and declining with out the vaccine due to more women getting pap smears. It has not been proven to work with a side effect of death. I would think my years of research and personal experience would be considered a good thing when it came to a discussion about vaccines. You're welcome. 

Them: Cancer is bad.

Me:Yes it is, but so is teenagers dying from vaccines that has not be proven to stop cancer.

Them: :stick fingers in ears: Lalalalala I can't hear you.

Me: Head shake of shame

Here is a novel concept why can't we just have unbiased education and let parents decide if they want the vaccine? I really wish Republicans would stop pushing this shit on children and everyone would just pull their heads out of their asses and maybe do some of their own research before developing a strong opinion about something.

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