Wednesday, September 21, 2011

slutty McSlut pants

I know my infatuation with the human body, strippers, hookers, trampy looking models has come off at times as not very feminist like, but I think it is. Hear me out.

I'll start out with the old argument that women getting naked when they want to is empowering. The key word being want. Granted that is if they want to because they want to and not because they are messed up in the head or have daddy issues. Even then that is their own deal that they need to fix it doesn't bring down women. Getting money to do it is very empowering.

It makes us more equal then someone might think. It is easier for a man to make a descent living with out an education because there are plenty of manual labor jobs. Not too many people look down on a construction worker and say they are degrading themselves. Why do they look down on strippers? Who are also just using their body to make money. We are all just trying to use what god gave us to do they best we can.

People say busty models are bad for women. I don't see it. They have male models and it does not make women think men are just objects. If men think women are objects they are going to think that if their are dirty pictures or not.

Hookers are just doing manual labor. You don't think a lot of those construction workers wouldn't have sex for money if it was super easy?

I sure as hell don't see a problem with women doing what they want to do with what they got. More power to them. It is not a good long term plan since looks don't last long. Plus you have to stay on your toes so you don't become a coke whore, but that has nothing to do with bringing women down.

Plus porn is just awesome.

We need to teach girls (and boys) that they should not be threatened by models and make sure they have good self esteem. We need to teach boys (and girls) that all people are people no matter what is between their legs and need to be treated with a certain level of respect. Make sure they are well rounded and not on blow. As a country we need to get our priorities straight. Hookers are not what is bringing this country down. Republicans and wall street are whats bringing this country down. They are the real bitches keeping women down. Give those hookers voter registration cards maybe we can get this shit legalized and help the economy and their safety.

Strangely enough republicans love hookers and porn when no one is watching.

Rant finished.

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  1. I agree with you. A female dancing to earn money because she has a beautiful body isn't any different to me than a lumberjack using his physical strength to earn money.