Saturday, August 20, 2011

Liberal VS. Conservative Women

Ok for this comparison lets just go ahead and get the stupid shit out of the way.


This is not what I was thinking about when I started researching for this blog post. Turns out when you google liberal VS Conservative women all you get is a bunch of bullshit from the right talking about how republican women are more attractive. Let me tell you some of the reason why this is dumb.
1. Being hot really is not an accomplishment.
2. If the right brags about being hot and not one post about their women being smart then a picture can probably replace them. I would go for a motivational poster or maybe a cute puppy.
3. They are not hot unless you go for the lost vacant stare or crazy eyes. I know that who you find attractive is an opinion, but you probably have serious problems if you think a woman being stupid is an attractive trait. More of those "family values" the right keeps talking about.
4.  Bangablity DOES NOT = respect.
5. A reasonable person would much rather listen to and vote for a smart person then an attractive person. This might be why women only make up 10% of the house and senate GOP.
6. Liberal women are way hotter. Not just because stupidity and lack of personality makes me dry.
Here is a reference.

And TX's own Wendy Davis

Let's start out with Liberal VS Conservative personalities in general. 

Conservatives buy more porn. I understand, if it was between having sex with myself or a conservative woman myself would win. 

I have to say just searching for this stuff is very interesting. If you google Liberal woman you get research papers and news. You google republican women you get stuff about being the life of the party, clubs, and "red hot" republican women. 

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  1. I certainly don't find a Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Kim Simac (who just lost her attempt to recall WI state senator JIM holperin) the least bit attractive...maybe, if they kept their mouths shut!