Thursday, March 17, 2011

The early morning rant

Adopt a shelter dog. Most shelters have a kill rate of like 97%. A lot of the time they put dogs down the same day they come in because they just don’t have the space or the money. Most of them are great dogs that just need some love and a home. They would do the same for you if they could. When the economy is suffering a lot of the time our four legged friends are the first ones who get dumped to helped families keep a float. I don’t blame them when your having a hard time taking care of your kids rationally keeping a dog is not a good idea. But seems like a good time to step up and give some sweet animal a home.
BSL is dumb. If you don’t know what this is a lot of places are trying to out law specific breeds. Breed Specific Legislation. Because pit bulls are scary…. BOO! Even though any one you know in your family is statistically more likely to kill your kid then a pit bull. Even though a cow is more likely to kill you. Even though they can now prove that this cost a lot of money and doesn’t work, and it is based on bias and not fact people still seem to want to try this. Keep an eye out for it there usually isn’t a bunch of news about it. They are trying to pass a law in TX called Justin’s law that could make it a felony to own a pit. If you're on facebook check out
         And here is a classic rant. Get your pets spayed or neutered! We are all full here. we have enough puppies thanks. also of course no puppy mills !
Also FUCK peta! If your going to donate to a rescue group there are a lot of much much better options!.
Here is a good to read blog with lots of back up on their views. They are against pits and dogs in general.
It’s going to be a very busy day for me doing momma stuff. My next rant might be about special needs children and dentist visits I should have a lot of fresh material for it!


  1. I am a rescue foster for pits, and I have been overwhelmed because of these laws and well, lets face it, people ignorance out Pits.. I ,unfortunately, can only have so many at a time to ensure they get the one on one attention the need, and they have tons of energy so they keep me busy, I currently have 8 (2 of my own, which help me with the newcomers).

  2. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

  3. So true....I have two Doberman's and I face the BSL bullshit all of the time.....and yes, one is a rescue boy. When in shelters, dogs are placed in a certain way. Cute, little dogs first, the lighter the color the better....then larger dogs...and finally, it the back you will find the pittes, rotties and the Dobes. Big, black dogs are as far away from the front as possible. Most people don't even make it to the back. I am thrilled that any shelter dog finds its forever home, but there are just so many good dogs in the back that don't even stand a chance.....