Sunday, March 20, 2011

You are important

You are important for lots of reason, but in this post I am going to go into how important it is to be a helpful part of you local economy. You do make a difference. If it’s for the better it is up to you. You can buy from local farms. This keeps your money in your community, and out of the pockets of corporations. It promotes healthier foods and keeps GMO foods off your plate.Why aren't GMO foods labeled
 It’s probably easier then you think to do. I just found out recently that it is a lot easier then I thought!
What I can’t grow myself I can make sure wasn’t picked by what is basically slave labor. Since it is grown and sold in the same community the farmer are far more likely to be concerned with quality control. If someone gets sick they know where to find you. That is a lot of pressure.
On top of that fruits and vegetables lose nutrients quickly after they are picked. The fresher the better.
When you can’t buy that local buy American! We aren’t perfect but you should still root for your home team.
There are a lot of these sites. You don’t have to use this one. I would go into all the wonderful reason to buy American but sooo many people have done this before me. So I picked out a good one for you short easy and to the point Also with the internet you can support neat homemade stuff from across the country. Support American families not just American corporations.

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