Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Started thinking of Old dogs and children and watermelon wine

The reality is you are going to die. 

And that’s ok 

Live life to the fullest

Make things happen

Love without fear

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Remember patients is a virtue 

You are the only one that can make you happy!

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He said, "Women think about themselves, when men-folk ain't around.

And friends are hard to find when they discover that you're down."
He said, "I tried it all when I was young and in my natural prime,
Now it's old dogs and children and watermelon wine."
"Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes.
God bless little children while they're still to young to hate."
When he moved away I found my pen and copied down that line
About old dogs and children and watermelon wine.-Tom T Hall

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