Monday, March 21, 2011

No pink Floyd we really do need education!

I Wish I could close my eyes and make this go away.  My son goes back to school tomorrow but I have no idea for how long. They are cutting education in Texas at an alarming rate (any cut to education is alarming you might as well say fuck progress). My son is in special education. They are talking about cutting it all together in my ISD. I’m not sure what’s really going to happen now. If they fire his wonderfully awesome teacher that he loves and has helped him improved dramatically I will probably home school (and cry). I went to the rally to save our schools on the 18th The video I made of it!. Afterwards Rick Perry did ok the use of the rainy day funds to fill the gap in the budget for one year. He is just screwing up this state more and more. We can’t tax the rich and corporation the same percentage as we tax workers and middle class. we will lose jobs! Really Governor? They are going to leave all the oil alone because of a tax increase fucking doubt it. Is unemployment soooo low with all the tax break they get now? Are they going to raise gas prices? News flash they are going to raise it any damn way to what ever they want because they can. They would sell people at 100 bucks a barrel if some one was buying. Rick Perry would probably  make it legal for the right price. Then give them a tax break. Anyways there is no reason to think that all the teachers that TX is going to lose are going to come back anytime soon. It is starting to become painfully obvious that I should have done this rant when I was more awake. My lack of sleep is hindering my attention span and my ability to make a coherent sentence. I’m just going to post a few interesting things and pick this up again soon. Colors make them easier to compare. Links to pages below pictures.

That one has it's own sources. Google them if you want.

Other interesting links
I'm going to be looking into how come Alaska can spend so much more money on education and still have such low graduation rates. If I had to guess Sarah Palin had something to do with it. Good night!

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  1. Those incarceration stats are scary. And your blog post was just fine. I understand your fears. What they will most likely do is put your child in with the regular classes and he will not learn nearly as much if the funding is cut. Another concern is that special needs kids are being sent disproportionately to disciplinary alternative schools, especially in TX. Make sure you protect your son by applying him for an, I think it is called an IEP? You might have already done that, but it will help protect him. We have to keep fighting this battle and hope things turn around soon, don't give up hope!