Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's for lunch

When did making lunch become so difficult?  My son LOVES Kraft  Mac and cheese. The same Kraft that openly admits it’s using GMO foods. I’m not going into all the problems with that but please read more about it here (warning this might make you want to move to Europe)  . It is packed with salt, and the food coloring that has been shown to cause ADHD in children. Also Kraft is owned by Phillip Morris. The cigarette company that have killed untold amounts of people (and still counting) with there products while trying actively hook children on their drug. The whole thing is overwhelming. It has become very difficult to not eat GMO foods. Pretty much anything made from corn or soy.
When I go to clean up the mess my kids are sure to make I can’t use brawny paper towels because they are owned by the Koch brothers that are trying dismantle unions and promote there republican puppets to keep their firm grip on the neck of American workers and the worker’s money.
Just to get to the store to buy the products that are ruining this country I have to use gas. It’s dangerous to the environment. It has promoted war. It pumps my money out of my community and to some foreign country. Most likely one where they treat women like animals or slaves.
Maybe the Amish were on to something.
I’m just going to try to stay calm. Do what I can to protect my family. Do what I can to change it and make my kid's life a little healthier. Please pay attention to how your actions effect the big picture. Also if you have time start a garden and watch FOOD INC.
P.S.  will help you buy Non GMO Foods

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