Friday, March 25, 2011

I heart grassroots activism

Yesterday I found a little gem called . It’s a wonderful idea to help the tsunami victims in Japan. Kids are thought to make cranes. They teach other children. Then they give a dollar for the crane. They learn to give and make cranes! Fantastic I wish I was this creative.
Don’t let this next paragraph take away anything from the greatness and wonderfulness of their project, but I was thinking how come their isn’t anything I can find like this to help fund our schools? If there is and I just don’t know about please leave a comment! The rally on march 12th was an excellent idea. It really did a lot of good I think to show Rick Perry that we are NOT going to be ignored. But as far as I know it didn’t raise any money for the cause.
I know there is a box tops program that I am also all for, but I think their should be something that we have, some kind of project, that we can cause a stir and give money directly to TX schools with out giving a part to a giant corporation or the government. Cause if Rick Perry gets half a chance he will take the money to pad his slush found in a heart beat. I’m getting off topic. Is there anything out there like this? Does anyone have any ideas? Please comment any info helps.

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