Monday, April 11, 2011

Companion Animal Protection Act B.H. No. 3450

It is kind of sad when they have to make a law that shouldn’t need to be a law just basic human decency. Right now they are trying to do that in TX. You shouldn’t have to tell animal shelters not to kill animals if someone wants to take care of them or if they have the room for them. It is sad that we have to make a law saying that “animals held in shelters deserve proper care”.
 The Companion Animal Protection Act was filed recently. Here is a link to the text of the bill
If it becomes a law it will outlaw “convenience killings” by shelters. That’s when there is no reason they can’t take care of them but they just don’t feel like it.
Make it where they have to cooperate with other shelters and groups. So if a lab rescue wants to take a dog the shelter can’t be like screw you we are going to put it down anyways.
The shelter has to treat the animals with a reasonable amount of care.
Not kill them in ways that are unusually cruel.
Shelters wont be able to sell animals to labs for research.
Shelters would have to be honest to the public about how many animals they kill and how they operate.
Plus not kill animals just because of their breed. And many more wonderful ideas.
All this sounds great right? Why are a few people against it?
Is it going to cost us more money? Similar laws have saved the tax payers of city and county of San Francisco $486,480 since 1998 so that is a pretty safe no. By shifting the responsibility to private rescue groups and cutting back on expensive euthanizing and body disposal tax payers save money. It doesn’t cut jobs. It saves cute fuzzy creatures. What is the hold up?
Well TX Shelters don’t want people to know that they have been killing thousands of animals in cruel ways because it would effect donations. People don’t want to donate to an animals shelter that kills a lot of dogs the day they are brought in rather then make an effort to adopt them out. They are using people’s ignorance to get their money and it makes me sick.  Not all shelters are bad I’m not saying don’t donate to any of them, but I am asking for help to get this law passed. Right now it is easier for them to kill the animals then actually try to get them adopted so that is what a lot of them do. Houston area humane societies shelters kill 89% of all animals brought in to them.
Here is a link to Texas public health committee members
Please call/ email/ fax  to show support for CAPA H.B. No. 3450
Here is an great petition 
 And here is the links to some articles and websites that obviously know more about this then I do!

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