Friday, April 22, 2011

I know nothing!

Well I guess I know nothing about history. I was reading the Texas declaration of independence. The text seemed strange. So I decided to do some research. Turns out that Texas seceded from Mexico because they outlawed slavery! Again how the hell did that not come up in history class?
Ok so Texas seceded from Mexico because it abolished slavery -1836
Texas secedes from the US because they were trying to abolish slavery -1861
Governor Rick Perry threaten to Secede when the US has a black president. He claims it’s not because he is black, but because he taxes people too much. Mean while he is accepting billions of dollars of federal money. - 2009
Just a few thoughts.


  1. Meanwhile, the American public has never been as lightly taxed as what they are at this very moment. How the heck do you tolerate living in Texastan anyway? I'd go frikkin nuts...