Friday, April 29, 2011

Stuff that made my childhood awesome!

I didn't have one but my neighbor did

Of course this show

this awesome movie

So damn cute. I wanted one so bad.

I was never very good at videos games but I got this before I figured that out so it was fun.

I was raised on the street

I would smurf that

Unicorns are just awesome

Swimming in the creek by my house and catching crawfish


I don't know if anyone else watched this but I digged it

mud. I'm still a huge fan

Pee wee's playhouse!

even if it did give me a couple of nightmares 

Dogs and puppies

Ferrets! Even if they stink.


Rainbow bright !

Of course this classic

I use to call them your little pony's 

I have lived in a hobbit hole to!

I still have my 

watching the cartoon with the toy! That's just fun on a bun!

Still have my shortcake dolls to

My favorite was Donatello 

My sister and other children

My awesome parents

I thought about putting in Beavis and Butthead, animaniacs, and boys but decided I would just stay with the young kid stuff. 

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