Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How much do I love my children?

I love them no matter how much of their poop I have to clean up. I will change their diapers no matter how much they fight me while I do it. Even when they fight me and stick their hand in it. Seriously kid why are you fighting me?
I will love them even though they are just walking petri dishes of germs. That bring home some kind of massive snot producing virus every other week. Did I give birth to the outbreak monkey? Is this biological warfare?
I will love them no matter how many times they embarrass me in public. If it’s by picking their nose. Or my sons grabbing their junk. Or when they start screaming and crying like they are possessed by the devil.
I will love them no matter how many times I have to fix holes in the walls. Or have to scrub pin/crayon/food/toothpaste/poop/ect. off the wall. That wall didn’t need wall paper on it anyways. It looks better that way.
I will love them even if when they are tired and instead of going to sleep they cry. And cry. I could really use a nap.
I will love them no matter how many times they lie to me and tell me that they didn’t use the restroom in their pants. Or  tell me the dog did it. And the dog will love them to. No matter how many eye pokes or forced pony rides.
I can handle all of that. I will worry about the teenage problems when we get there.

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