Sunday, April 3, 2011

WARNING: No one is going to like this! Also I use bad words and talk about religion and politics.

I haven't felt much like writing so I just got something I wrote a while back.
Every other developed nation has universal health care and they live longer and have less babies die. No country is trying to fight to not have universal health care. Canadians are not sneaking down here for our pills and health care its American faking being Canadian for meds and doctors. Even if there wasn't so much proof that it works it seems like since America is a so called "Christian nation" there wouldn't be so many people against poor people going to the doctor the bible doesn't say love your neighbor unless they are poor, foreign, or gay then fuckem and news flash people poor people are all ready going to the doctor they just clogging the ER and the doctors who see them never get paid for it. With universal health care they could get there problems fixed not just patched up, doped up, and sent back with no real help. Then the doctor could get paid for helping them. That's why the majority of doctors and citizens want a public option in spite of what you might of heard on fox news. The reason we don't have it yet because soooo many politicians are in the insurance companies pockets and for some reason most people don't seem to understand this is worth fighting for. It's just our children's health and future why would we care about that? 
And if you think this doesn't effect you cause you have insurance if you get sick most likely your insurance is going to find any reason they can not to cover your treatment then drop you and then no insurance will touch you because of your preexisting condition, and god forbid you are born with something. 
To sum this up poor people still deserve to go to the doctor and universal health care is good for everyone.

The war
So why did we go to war with Iraq when the people who attacked us on 9/11 where from Afghanistan? I was told recently is was to stop funding for the terrorist because Iraq had money. This would be like some one attacking us to stop funding to Mexico. It wouldn't work and it's a terrible idea. I'm not against the war I wish it wasn't started by incompetent morons. It could of saved us a lot of time, lives,
and money. What I don't understand is how so many Christians are for the war. Jesus said turn the other cheek, love your enemy, Forgive people who sin against you, blah blah blah. It never said bomb innocent people because they may or may not hate you. Can you really blame them for hating America? We can't seem to stop fucking up there country. You can't loving occupy another country. 

I just want to say this is not meant to offend this is a rant to make me feel better. I know people get crazy about religion. Anyways I find the fact that so many people are really truly Christians terrifying. That God created Satan then bet him he can collect more souls. That God loves everyone but there is a good chance he is going to send you to Hell forever. Even people who have never even heard of Jesus get sent to Hell for not believing in someone they never heard of. That is loving. That Jesus/God was a zombie Jew who is now sending Jews to Hell for not worshipping him. Don't get me wrong Jesus sounds like a great guy wish more people were like him. I don't think he would be against gays or the poor. I don't even think he would go around blowing up abortion doctors. Like Gandhi said "I like your Christ, your Christians are nothing like your Christ". But I'm not going to worship him cause some book that doesn't make sense tells me to. I'm not trying to judge Christian. I know no one is where they want to be in there personal growth Especially me. I love money, I am easily angered, well there is a long list I will just leave it at that. It just seems like most Christians just use there religion to make them feel better about doing what ever they want to do. 
I think not teaching evolution in school is way past crazy. Creationism is not a valid science. You can see evolution how is this still being disputed? I think faith is a wonderful thing but seriously? Stop holding back our whole country because of a old book. Leave science up to the scientist the world isn't flat, everything is evolving. I don't want to miss out on all the good stem cells have to offer because of a few really loud crazy people's issues. 
I don't want it to seem like I am against Christians I don't think any person should take religion to extreme because you are just guessing! I think everyone should be able to believe what ever they want I don't care. I just don't want it to effect me! I wouldn't be talking about this at all if Christians weren't trying to sneak the religion in everywhere. I don't want anyone preaching to my kids. If they grow up Christians more power to them I don't want them brainwashed and told if they don't believe they are going to Hell forever. JESUS LOVES YOU! The only time Religion should mix with state is when the priest comes to give an inmate last rights. Who oddly enough usually think they are going to heaven even though they kill and rape people, but babies who are not baptized don't get in. I know every Christian believes in different things this is just a general rant and is not meant for one person. And FYI I'm a big fan of God and forgiveness. Love is the key try to take care of each other. I know its hard to tell from this rant ,but I try not to be too judgmental. That's something else I need to work on. 
Abstinence only education does not work.! It has been proven time and time again. Keep your religion out of school like the constitution says to! I don't agree with a lot of the things these slave owning/ raping child marrying men did, but this idea was a real winner! Religion has no place in school. It's sad that there are children out there that need to be told by a health teacher what there period is or that they can get pregnant if they have sex in water, or if the girl is on top, or even if the girl doesn't orgasm. I know because I have had to tell people this! I have had to explain this and many other crazy things to uneducated adults some who have all ready had children. My personal favorite was explaining that people can not have babies with sheep. Teenagers are going to have sex. Lots of it and most of them are stupid. We don't need to help them be stupid by with holding information. Tell them to wait, but if they don't wrap it up. STD'S and pregnancy are rapid and the Trojan man will never show up and the last moment and tell you to wrap it up as great as that would be. 
I can see why people would be against abortion. No one in there right mind is like YAY ABORTION, but if they are I think they should be first in line to get one cause they shouldn't be breeding and raising children. I never had an abortion but that is because I love my babies and take care of them! If I didn't want or couldn't take care of them I wouldn't have had them. Having babies is dangerous and I can't tell some one they have to have one because I'm not the boss of any one else's vagina just like I don't want any one else being the boss of mine. I think before any one should be able to try to make a law against abortion they should have to sign something saying they are willing to raise all these unwanted children. No one likes abortion but the world isn't perfect! It's a personal choice that who ever makes will have to live with the rest of there life. Most woman do not take it lightly and if they do choose to have one they have a damn good reason! 
Let the pot smokers and prostitutes out keep the killers and rapist in! I am the first person to admit that people change but if you rape a baby fuck you! You never need to see the light of day again. Why are these people getting out and put back in 3 or 4 times? These are only the times they get caught 70% of children who are abused never tell any one. So if they get caught that means most likely they have hurt a lot more children. I'm not talking about 21 year olds with 17 year olds I'm not even sure why that is a issue. But 40 year old with a 4 year old just shoot them and the world will be a better place. I'm pretty sure if the world took a vote these people would be voted off the island! The same goes for serial killers, serial rapist, pretty much anyone who spends there life spreading pain a misery. Make drugs and prostitution legal. Tax the crap out of it and pay to educate our children so they have a better future so hopefully they wont grow up to be pot smoking prostitutes. 
Why don't they make it where people on gov. assistance have to be on birth control? I know it against a lot of people's religion, but you don't have to take the hand out! I know some people need help out sometimes but obviously your family doesn't need to be growing if you all ready can't take care of them! They should hand out birth control like candy! Not just condoms but pills and the morning after pill. Do we really need all these people having babies? I love babies and if you want to have one I hope you have one and all the luck in the world to you, but we don't need to be fruitful anymore! There is enough people here! This part is not just because I'm pregnant and a little pissy about it. I thought this before I got pregnant because I couldn't afford to be on the pill. I love my children!
Why shouldn't gay people just be allowed to be gay? Two consenting adults want to have sex ,fall in love more power to them! People who say God wanted it to be one man one woman that between you and god leave everyone else out of it. I would much rather see two Gays in love get married then the way it use to be where men would pretty much sell there daughters into slavery and call it marriage. And if your one of those what about the children people don't worry gays are not sneaking into schools trying to convert your children, and if gays want to raise some of these unwanted children in a loving home I think they deserve a metal! 
Go hug your children tell them they are wonderful and you love them! Why your are at it tell your friends and family because they love you even though your human and not perfect and they still put up with you. 

All right I think I am done... Feel free to comment, but don't expect a reply. I live in the south and I'm a pro choice, democrat, non-christian I have to be honest I'm tired of arguing.


  1. As a Christian who was against the Iraq war, against religion in schools, in favor of sex education, pro-choice, in favor of universal health care as well as gay marriage and legalization of marijuana, I agree with most of what you say. The so-called Christian right believes in the old testament and Revalations but scips the Gospels, which would disprove everything they stand for!

  2. A couple thoughts that I think get left out of these types of "rants".

    Health Care: A healthy work force, is a happy more productive work force. National Health Care should and would only help our overall economy.

    Abstinence Education: How many people who support abstinence only programs had sex before marriage and/or before graduating from high school? In my little speck of Texas that answer is, most (if not all).

    Abortion: Remember Dirty Dancing? Penny is pregnant and distraught. She gets an abortion by some fly by night back alley doctor. She ends up having to seek medical treatment. This happens. If we make abortion illegal, women will still seek the procedure. Instead of paying for a safer medical procedure, we are going to pay for damage caused by self-done and back alley abortions. This is hurting our women. Politicians (Rick Perry) act as if women are pregnant and out for ice cream and walk past an abortion clinic and decide, "Gee! That looks like fun!".

    Anyway, I think these are valid points that tend to be overlooked when discussing these subjects. I hope more people will incorporate those points into their rants, debates and discussions. ;)