Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Go the fuck to sleep

Ok for those of you who haven’t heard there is this cute little book. I thought it was a  funny parent joke. Again I over estimated people.
MSNBC Posted a story about it on it‘s facebook page. People are really freakin pissed. Apparently people think swearing is what is wrong with children. How silly. If a parent would read this to their children their children have all ready heard the word fuck. Also I really don’t think parents are reading this to there kids. It is just something every parent has thought and I think it is therapeutic to have this book. If you want to see more go here http://www.facebook.com/msnbc/posts/198650810171032

 People get upset about the strangest things.
Here are just some of things that are what is REALLY wrong right now
1. A BP plant in Texas City had a fire that sent local residents to the hospital. BP will only get richer.
2. Japan’s nuclear power plant that is killing all those animals and making that place pretty much unlivable forever
3. The average age of  the homeless people in Houston TX is 7.
4. A levee failed in Missouri
5. Weed and prostitution are still illegal
6.  Corporations are destroying America.  But people got more pissed because Obama wanted to give poor people healthcare.
7. Adults in loving committed healthy relationships can’t get married because a 2000 year old book said it was wrong.
8. The same couple in # 7 have trouble adopting while violent felons can breed as much as they want.
9. People don’t care about educating children.
10. Well you get the point
 If you have another one please leave it in a comment.

Oh yeah this is just what you think it is. Samuel L. Jackson reading go the fuck to sleep and it is awesome!

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  1. It appears that I overestimated people's sense of humor as well. I posted it on FB and not a single person commented. Apparently I'm the only person that has had less than pure, loving, patient thoughts regarding a child fighting the "go the fuck to sleep" battle!