Saturday, April 30, 2011

Noodling and other nonsense


Did you know it is illegal to noodle in TX? No? Me either. But law makers are trying to fix that.

Ok in case you are lucky enough to have never heard of noodling it's where you just shove your bare hand into a hole and grab a giant fish (if your lucky if not a snake or snapping turtle). I have no idea why this is illegal, how can they make it illegal to stick your hand in a hole? If you have a fishing license who cares? What bothers me more is that there are so many people who really want to do this that they got a group to fight for it. Especially when yesterday the Texas house ways and mean committee passed house bill 2187 a tax break to people buying yachts !  FUCKING YACHTS! When did TX get so back ass wards that people are fighting for their right to noodle and ignoring the hand out to incredible rich!? With as much as it passed in the vote in the house ways and mean committee I would guess it would pass the full house vote. I'm hoping that is wont pass the TX senate, but I have over estimated people before. So if you have the time please call/email your state senator HERE is and awesome page to find your people.
While you are at it you can comment on the noodling thing. I personally think if people want to fish with their bare hands like a bear more power to them. At a certain point we just have to let natural selection happen. Besides if everything that was dangerous was illegal we would never have any fun. 

Here are some fancy pants lady noodlers with gloves. WIMPS

This is how it usually happens

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