Monday, May 23, 2011

Acting sexy is illegal alternate title Utah you so crazy

O.K. I was reading one of a million freakin news articles I read everyday. And I came across this little gem . Utah is trying to make being sexually suggestive illegal. They claim they will only use this to lock up prostitutes but then again whose definition of prostitute are we going by anyways? Our they going to start locking up girls who show a little more cleavage to get a free drink? Women who put out after a fancy dinner? Pretty much any chick on a reality TV show?

I don't trust any state that sells wimpy Sunday beer.

It said strippers could be arrested for      “suggestively thrusting.” .  I do that like 15 times a day. I do really need to stop but I don't need to be arrested! I forgot where I was going with this...

Oh yeah leave hookers alone law makers! Everyone is a hooker in one way or another. Besides how can it be legal for the government to tell consenting adult what to do with their bodies? I'm almost positive if I started going through the constitution I would find something saying that is NOT OK! just STOP IT! 

Then try to turn around and say it's for our own good!? Have the balls to say "The intent is to target prostitutes, especially underage ones who are forced into the sex trade and trained to evade arrest, Seelig said. The arrest would be the first step in helping them get off the streets, she said."  No one is buying your it's for the children explanation! If you want to help children arrest the people forcing them to have sex! Arrest the people having sex with them! Then give them alternatives! You know what is good for children? Sure as hell not being arrested for being raped! They seem to forget that under aged CHILDREN can not consent to sex with an adult! How can you be selling sex when you can't consent to sex? Any person being "FORCED" into the sex trade is not a prostitute they are rape victims! You ass! 

I think that is the most !!!! I have ever used in a blog. 

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  1. You say no one is buying the 'save the children' explanation, but they are. This is Utah, and they are becoming more draconian as the days tick by. I'm surprised this hasn't yet been enacted to uproarious applause and right wing radio festivals...