Monday, May 16, 2011

Republicans VS. Libertarians

I have been debating in my head on who is worse republicans or libertarians. I would have to say republicans are worse. At least the libertarians are honest about that they don't give a shit about other people's problems. Their biggest lie is calling themselves Libertarians instead of anarchist. Don't try to church it dirt.The only difference is they are wimps that want to keep the police around to make sure no one kicks their ass and takes their money. Ron Paul and Gollum from lord of the rings don't just look a like they also think a like. I could see him talking to a pile of gold say my precious the nasty poor people arn't going to take you away me wont let thems.
I don't think they have planned this out very well. I'm not a socialist I don't think we should just hand out all the wealth equally. But this country would be a giant shit hole if we let people die in the street. People and kids should be able to see doctors. Children shouldn't have to go hungry. Our country needs education. We have enough research to show that this things make a country not only a better place to live, but more stable and productive. Education lowers the chances for incarceration. Security makes people more likely to get an education. Opportunity creates not only healthy competition but less unemployment and a better society. We know it is cheaper to let sick people see a doctor then making them rush to the ER after it gets real bad. Plus people live healthier more productive lives. Greed is not good!
Not that I disagree with everything Ron Paul has done. I'm a huge fan of freedom of speech. Some times I think the government censors life too much. Also I think the government needs to stay the hell out of our business when it comes to vaccines. I think legislators should have term limits. I think we should reinstate where congress has to proclaim war. We also agree that they should take long enough to read the bill before voting on it. How is that not a law?
I think it is bullshit that he wants to give people money to send their kids to private school but don't want to fix public education. Also my uterus is none of his damn business. And how can any good society be against social security and people having health care? I take it back those fuckers are monsters. When they say live and let live it's just a nice way of saying screw you guys.

Republican politicians suck worse though. They preach about how Jesus is their co-pilot. How they will fight for the people. But by people they mean money and by Jesus they mean hookers. If someone is going to screw me I want them to look me into the eyes. Don't tell me you want smaller government and a free market then make laws on women's bodies and give billions of tax dollars to corporations making record profits. Then turn around and try to convince working people it's what is best for them. Some people aren't blinded by all your I'm a good Christian you can trust me talk and pay attention to what you are actually doing. Don't tell me you're a Christian but we need war and torture. Jesus thought we should help the poor. It was a big part of his life how did you miss this? Jesus never said anything about gay sex being bad! Sorry let me get back on topic

I know I don't always agree with the popular democrat views. Like I own a mini ruger 12 semi-automatic assault rifle among other guns. I thought Osama's pictures should be release in the name of government transparency. I agree that a lot of people on food stamps sell them and use them to buy drugs. I've seen it happen I know they aren't making it up. But drug testing everyone on food stamps would probably still be a bad idea. Plus I'm guessing the majority of people on food stamps aren't on drugs. But just because I don't agree 100% of the time I still don't see how some one could vote for those greedy lunatics.


  1. You're pretty dead on there. Ron Paul is driven by ideology, not greed though.

  2. I just don't understand how Ron Paul gets grouped in with the GOP. He does believe in, not just smaller, but actually no government. The reason why he can't win the GOP nomination is because socially he's a Libertarian. Socially the GOP is terrified by him. He would decriminalize all victimless crimes ie: weed and all drugs, prostitution, etc. True, he is not greedy at all. He is very frugal. How could you be in Congress and be against government?? What an oxymoron.

  3. Actually they've made it harder to sell food stamps for anything. They've made it like a pre-paid debit card kind of thing. If you're only getting food stamps, you can only use it on food.

  4. They still sell them they just go to the store for someone else buy them 50$ worth of groceries on the card and then get paid 25. Or something along those lines.