Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things that make me feel stabby

Ok so can we just agree that the next time we hear someone talking about how global warming is a myth and people can't effect the weather that we should punch them in the throat?

At first I thought it was mostly harmless ignorance mixed with greed. So the greedy ones were more to blame then the ignorant ones. It's not their fault rich people can buy studies that say that global warming isn't really happening. Even if that is getting harder to do. Plus yes over the billions of years the earth has been around the temperature has changed. I don't see how they can use this as an excuse at the same time claiming that the world is only a few thousand years old. But I'm changing my position the ignorant are just as guilty.

I don't think scientist are always right. I don't even think anyone knows exactly what is going to happen. But most of us have been around a while. We would have noticed if climate change was always happening as quickly as it is happening now. It was one thing when the floods and crazy weather was happening in other parts of the world, but it is diffenetly fucking our shit up now.

Oh mass animal die offs happen it's not that big of a deal! Yeah it has happened before. It's not a normal thing  it doesn't usually happen to that many animals all over the world.

Other things that are pissing me off

Why would they put a bunch of dangerous chemicals in stuff made for children. They know they are doing it. They don't slip and fall and oops there are chemicals in sun screen. They know the chemicals are harmful. what a bunch of jerks.

People don't take care of themselves. I'm guilty of this myself. Before I had kids I really didn't give a crap about how I treated my body. Now I do and it is hard. It's like America is against being healthy. Not just by sucky labeling and a increasingly lazy life style, but people's attitudes in general. When I talk about wanting to buy organic people act like I'm doing a bad thing! Like some how me trying to be healthier offends them somehow. They are like that is dumb it's food blah blah blah. There is some kind of weird stigma on people who exercise a lot to. I can't really explain it. Most of the people in my life were real supportive when I decided I was going to walk 2 miles a day. When people find out you exercise they seem supportive and they look at you like your a freak. That might just be me I get that look a lot. It's like your just suppose to have a smoking hot body with out being bothered by worrying about what you eat or exercise. That might have something to do with being in TX to. This state is generally not known for being big on education and/ or fitness.
I'm not just talking about obese people. They do get a raw deal. It's not like being skinny = healthy. But usually the same things that cause us to be unhealthy cause people to be fat. Bad diet, not exercising. Plus it causes bad circulation and puts other strains on your body. Skinny people can have bad circulation and added stress, but by less obvious reasons.
The reason people being unhealthy pisses me off is because they like to bitch about it. It also adds to health care cost and it's a bummer, but for the most part it pisses me off because of the bitching. If you don't like being over weight, or not being able to breath, or being on all kinds of meds do something about it.

Pharmaceutical companies! I'm not going to go into too much detail because this is all ready going to be a long post.  
They pay doctors to give out their drugs to trusting "patients" then claim that the ass loads of money doesn't sway their decisions. They buy government to pass the laws they want. So they have their hands up politicians and doctors like fucking puppets and it sucks for this country and people in it.

For profit prisons. We all ready know judges are selling kids to them  Is there any wonder why we have more prisoners in the US then anywhere else?   even though violent crime has dropped a lot.

Good news!
I hate to be all gloom and doom so I wont be!

My son's school is awesome.

There are an ass load of people volunteering to help out the tornado victims.

I hardly ever smoke any more.

They have a single payer option in Vermont that is doing awesome.

More and more people are figuring out how much Rick Perry sucks.

Plus we have Rep. Weiner , Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, and Bernie Sanders!


  1. girl- i'm SO with you!!!!! on all of it. i wish i had the energy to write a blog. it's all so freaking depressing, though- all i can do is turn my music up or i'm going to drive us all into the river. i hope all these tornadoes start making folks THINK. because there is CERTAINLY a reason why our natural disasters are getting worse and more frequent. DUH! and i guess you and i are the only ones that can see that because if others did, wouldn't someone be DOING somethng? it's one thing to care about your money, but to disregard your own grandchildren in such a way???? i'm just so done w/all of the greed and lies.

  2. btw- happy SLUT day to my favorite SLUT!!!!! i'm wearing a v-neck today, and you can see my ears. how slutty are YOU?