Monday, May 30, 2011

Before You Talk About Old White Men

Before you talk about about old white men remember ALL racism is nasty and hurtful. ALL sexism is nasty and hurtful. ALL ageism is nasty and hurtful.

The picture of the man above is my Grandpa RIP. He is the greatest man I have ever had the privilege to know. And for as long as I have known him he was an old white man.

He was a proud southern democrat who as far as I know never said a harsh word about anyone except Rick Perry and Bush. The world would be a much better place if there was more people like him in it. He cared about people. He loved his family. He helped in his community. His image as an old white man should not be tarnished because people don't have the want to or the intelligence to acknowledge that when people suck it is not because of their race. 

It is easier to be racist. It takes time and you have to think to see someone you don't like and not associate that with their skin color. You have think to yourself their issues have nothing to do with the way they look (because I assure you they don't) it is their own individual problem, and I'm not going to judge a whole group of people, who have nothing to do with that person other then looks, badly because of them. Every person deserves to be judged by their actions and their actions alone.

When people say oh when I said white, I meant rich white people, or racist white people. That is an asshole thing to do. Being rich doesn't make you an asshole. I assume I wouldn't really know. Being white doesn't make you racist. Being racist makes you and asshole. Just say you don't like racist people. Don't apply that if they were a different color it would be cool for them to be racist. Or that white people are racist. We don't have the monopoly on racism.

I have been speaking out against racism my whole life. Now the only race it is socially acceptable to be racist against is white people. Ain't that some shit? 

When people talk about privileged white kids, thats me. As far as I can tell the only thing it has made me privileged to is I get called white trash instead of (insert racial slur here). I don't know if there is some club that I wasn't invited where you can get some kind of white people free pass in life, but I doubt it because you can't get much whitter then me without being transparent. 

People use their past as an excuse to be racist. Oh well white people have done something bad to me so now I have the right to judge all white people on their actions. I haven't fucking did shit to you. My family has not done shit to you. My kids have as sure as shit not done shit to you!

Then there are people who will say something racist about white people then say oh it's ok I'm white. Well being white doesn't give you some kind of asshole immunity either. Saying racist shit about your own race is still just saying racist shit, except it fucking weirder. 

Well the top to 2% are mostly white is another excuse I have heard. So fucking what? They were born in to money because that is just how shit worked out. Trust me they are not running out to give money and opportunity to the rest of us white people. Helping the people they are related to helps them. They might dislike other racist more I don't know I really doubt they care. The point is still doesn't fucking matter even rich people should be judged by their actions and not race. Saying that (insert race here) men should not have money and opportunities is no worse then saying white men should not have money and opportunities.  Saying that old white men are not fit to be in government is not better then saying old (insert race here) men are not fit to be in government 

I'm not saying there is more racism towards white people or that racism towards white people is worse. They are all equally shitty and shouldn't be done! 

P.S. Being white does not keep you from getting arrested. I have been arrested twice for stupid bullshit.

While I was in jail some one told me to ask the jailer for a blanket "because you're white". Shit if that did me any good why the hell was I there in the first place? If I was going to ask for any favors before I was in the cell would have been the time I would have asked for it. 

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