Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy lady rant!

I know people love money, but this is getting crazy.
Government stop attacking natural parents!
Just read about how the FDA confiscated "birthing tubs" they claimed the were unregisted medical equipment. What a load of shit.
This might come as a bit of a suprise because of the whole hippie thing, but I would never advise someone to give birth at home. Statistically the baby has better odes of surving in a hospital. Not enough were I think they should out law it or something just people need to be careful. I can see why people would want a home birth. Hospitals suck, some stranger is poking you in your privates, hospitals suck (I know I put it twice it sucks that bad), with that many people in the room odds are at least one of them are going to be an asshole, and much more. Just try to find a doctor and situation you like. If it was either a home birth or some of the hospitals I've been in I would do the home birth, but for the most part no.
I'm glad there are people who do this though. Since hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies are getting so corrupt I'm glad there is another option. Who knows maybe one day they can have a mobile birthing thing where not only the super rich can have the whole NICU come to your house when you pop out a baby.

The problem is doctors/pharmaceutical companies/government are corrupt. They don't want people not paying the hospital when they give birth. You know how much every baby makes for a hospital? For every doctor? It is mind blowing.

Then there is shit like this the government taking your kids if you don't force them to take mind altering drugs.
The state mandating that you give your kids vaccines even when they admit that the vaccines could kill them. If more kids die from the measles vaccines then the so called measles outbreak last year how can you blame people for being more worried about the vaccines?

How can you trust cps when the more disabled children they take away from parents the more money they get? There should not be ANY incentive to take a child out of a good home. I'm not against CPS I'm sure most of the people are great, but just one bad person can ruin so many peoples lives. But I'm getting off track.
Why don't they go after the mom's who smoke and drink their whole pregnancy? How come it's ok for a mom to blow cigarettes smoke in a babies face all day when if some one sprayed a baby with anything else that bad they would lock them up or at least sue the crap out of them. Because drinking and smoking makes corporations money. A house full of kids with asthma makes ass loads for a pharmaceutical company. You know what doesn't? Having your baby at home and not pumping them full of drugs. That is why when you take your kids to the doctor they are way more likely to pump them full of very pricey drugs then tell them to get out side and exercise. Exercise is free! Doctors don't get paid for not prescribing pills. Plus parents don't want to hear that shit. They don't want to hear that there is not a problem with their kids other then their parents don't make them go out side and play and eat right. Doping them up is easier then dealing with it.
I know some kids need medication. If your kids are one of them, give them medication. But there are a lot of kids that don't need it!  Your the parent. That doctor doesn't even know your kids. Studies have shown that exercise can be as effective as paxil at relieving depression. Again easier said then done, but think it over.

Of course the government doesn't want to make it easy to breast feed. They don't want to lose out on all that sweet sweet illness that breast milk prevents. Allergies, asthma, and diabetes just to name a few. Big money makers. Add that to the crazy money people get from selling formula. I know people don't like to think about how corporations would put babies in danger for profit, but we know they do. Take fucking Nestle for example. Going to 3rd world countries giving moms enough free samples for their milk to dry up so they would have to buy more. Or if they couldn't their babies didn't eat. No matter how you slice it that is some evil shit.  But most of the breast feeding stuff is more likely because a lot of religious people think women should be ashamed of their bodies and if people start seeing boobs at the park society will crumble around us or some crap.
I'm glad there is formula readily available, but BREAST IS BEST!

I'm not saying we all need to be Amish. I just like moderation. Nothing is just black and white. We can have doctors, meds, and government be good things. I adore science! But we can't let money control what controls the people. We have to keep our options open and keep our eyes on this stuff. Watch our asses!

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  1. I like your points about how doctors and the government are all about money. It's oh so true. I think americans expect miracle drugs to fix everything though, which won't help stop the tide of drugs being prescribed.
    I do have to say that infant mortality rates are about the same in attended home births with a midwife and hospital births - so really... it isn't as dangerous as you think. I had to do a whole lot of research when I got pregnant with my son (long story short... I didn't like the DR I was going to, and looked at my other options and ended up homebirthing).

    I totally think that more breastfeeding is the WAY to go though! Right on!