Monday, May 16, 2011

WTH is wrong with some people?

I read this article had to rant. Ok let me fill you in on why I'm so pissed right now.

[Saundra Roundtree told The Associated Press that her 14-year-old daughter told her she changed seats with a boy who wanted to sit beside another girl on a school trip last month, and then saw the two having sex.
The 14-year-old told her mother the day the bus returned, April 22, about what happened on the trip to tour out-of-state colleges, but said she was afraid to report it to school officials.
"She wasn't sure what the boy might do in response," Roundtree said. "He might have retaliated against her."
Roundtree, 48, from Dayton, told school officials what her daughter said she witnessed, and they said they would investigate, Roundtree said.
School officials told Roundtree on Friday that her daughter would not be allowed to attend the eighth-grade prom or the class picnic next month, but could graduate with her class, Roundtree said.]

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No the girl who did the right thing even thought she knew there was risk is being punished! She is probably going to be home schooled for the rest of the year. And you know she wasn't the only one who saw those kids having sex. It's not like they are fucking ninjas! She was just the only ones who had the balls to say anything. I wish adults would start being fucking adults and stop blaming victims! Of course something bad is going to happen. 
I'm going to go try to figure out what school this happened at to write an angry letter. If anyone figures it out or hears follow up please send me something on my facebook or the comments now. 

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