Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Real House Wives of Walker County.

Well today one of my kids lost the remote to the tv. This made me think today would be a great day to start on Spring cleaning. 
I dropped a container of Banana baby puff things on the floor and after I turned around to put it up the baby and the dog were eating them off the floor. No I had not had time yet to clean the floors. At least the puffs were organic. 
I have not got all the dirty laundry done yet cause by yesterday's VOMITPALOOZA! My son threw up once (everywhere) stayed home from school and was fine the rest of the day... It was actually pretty impressive he was on the top bunk so he got some distance. 
I did get the urine smell out of my sons' room (to be replaced by vomit). My two year old likes to find new and interesting places to urinate. But I have to give him some credit it has been like a week since I caught him peeing in the air conditioner vent. Yay for improvement. 
My son's in home trainer is coming tomorrow so I'm going to try to scrub off all the cave drawing on the walls. Glad my son stopped drawing stick figures that looked like they had huge penises (not sure if that was what he meant them to be) all over the place. That was a fun phase. 
And my 2 year old wont stop calling me by my first name instead of mommy. And the other two just call me WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
My son broke the soap pump in their bathroom. Now they don't get soap. They have also lost their toothpast privileges do to their toothpaste artwork. I have to lock it up. Even prisoners can be trusted with soap and toothpaste.
I'm going to go dust, do laundry, clean the bathroom, vacuum, and sweep. While the kids follow trying to undo all my work. It's a glamorous life for me. 

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